Low Risk Internal Promotion

Internal Promotion – A Low Risk Marketing Medium

As part of your dental marketing strategy, there are multiple marketing mediums that can be utilized when it comes to promoting your dental practice. Like investments, the different marketing mediums can be assessed as being low, medium or high risk. An important low risk marketing medium that many dentists forget about is internal promotion. Be mindful to not constantly hammer your existing patients with promotional materials, but you should not avoid letting them know about your services either!

Who it’s for: every dentist
Pros: inexpensive; high returns on your investment
Cons: none!

Most types of marketing involve external promotions. That is; promoting your services to strangers who probably have never heard of you before. However, dentists can become so focused on finding new patients they forget to market to their existing patients. That’s a big mistake for three reasons. You want to ensure that your existing patients:

  1. Have no reason to leave your practice
  2. Know about all the services you offer
  3. Recommend your services effectively to their friends and family

We’re big fans of internal marketing because it offers a higher return on your investment than external marketing. It only makes sense; the people who have already chosen you, have already given you money and probably trust you are a much more receptive audience than people who’ve never heard of you.

Internal promotions can take many forms, including:

  • Mail to your patient base
  • Electronic messages to your patient base
  • In office signage
  • In office collateral material, including continuous loop videos in the reception area, posters on the wall, pictures of your patients, videos, and brochures about various procedures

Below find samples of effective forms of these types of internal promotions.

Samples of an inside cover for an internal mailer.

Samples of an outside cover for an internal mailer.

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