Direct Mail for Dentists

The offline marketing secret most dentists overlook and probably shouldn’t. With the right formula of targeting, design, and 30 years of testing, a direct mail campaign will bring the highest quality of patients to your practice.


The Way We Do Direct Mail is Proven
Successful in 96% of The US Markets

This is by far the highest predictability rate of all external marketing mediums.
Online, offline, everything. Let us find out if our direct mail can work for you!


Why Do I Keep Hearing About New Patients Inc Direct Mail for Dental Practices?

Because they generate the BEST NEW PATIENTS in every market. The dentists who are tired of getting shopper type patients from cheap postcard campaigns from “the other guys” upgrade their mail campaigns to New Patients Inc mail campaigns.

Our direct mail service is also the PERFECT complement to our online marketing campaigns. With our mail, you are in front of patients BEFORE they search for dental services online and begin to shop. You are also front and center if or when they search for dental services online. Our direct mail works by itself. When we combine mail with online promotion it is legendary.

What Makes Our Direct Mail
Campaigns So Great?

We wish we could tell you it was our award-winning designers (which we have), or our finite targeting methods (which we do), but really, the outstanding results are mostly due to comprehensive message testing for more than three decades on parents who WILL NOT choose a healthcare provider for their family based on a deal! We KNOW what those parents want to see and hear. We know how to attract them to client practices.

From our founder and friend Howie Horrocks: “If an offer or deal in your marketing is your best foot forward – you have no feet!”


Can New Patients Inc Mail for You?

We have to take a look. We have many clients, and we will not mail our designs to the same household for two different dentists. Tell us who and where you are, and we will let you know if New Patients Inc mail is available in your core market.

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