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New Patients Inc has been providing online dental marketing services for dentists for over 15 years. During this time, we have helped dental offices make the transition to the digital marketing era first with websites, then with the introduction of mobile websites, social media marketing, paid online advertising and more. As the digital era continues to grow and evolve, we will continue to stay ahead of the curve for our clients.



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Online Dental Marketing Services

What is Online Dental Marketing?

Online dental marketing is passive. You create something (for example, your website) which you hope will interest your market and you put it online. It sits there and waits for someone to land on it. If you drive people to your site, with properly executed SEO tactics you are almost guaranteed to have your website displayed in search engine results. The catch is the consumer must already be searching for your services and you are merely displaying your ‘store front’ for them to find. Paid traffic is another form of online marketing for dentists. With paid traffic, instead of search engine optimization, you literally pay money to be at the top of the search result page.

Online Dental Marketing is Only Half of the Equation

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, online marketing is just half of a well-balanced and effective marketing plan. A properly executed online marketing strategy involves more than just an active presence on social media, a beautiful user-friendly website with properly implanted SEO tactics, or a targeted pay-per-click campaign. To reach your maximum potential of attracting high-quality patients, you require a coordinated effort in all areas of your marketing (online and offline). At New Patients Inc we understand this; after 30 years of exclusively providing dental marketing services, we have developed proven marketing methods which blend online and offline together.

Benefits of Having New Patients Inc Manage Your Digital Marketing

Coordination: In order to receive the greatest return from your dental practice marketing, you need to ensure that online marketing efforts are coordinated with your offline marketing tactics. NPI understands how to ensure your PPC campaigns are coordinated with your offline marketing such as, direct mail (YES – done correctly, this is still one of the MOST effective methods of marketing) and are coordinated with the information found on your website.

When you work with NPI to market your dental practice you don’t just hire a dental marketing expert, but rather you join a team that has all your marketing efforts pointed in the same direction. This will leave you time to take care of patients!

Transparency: No matter how a dentist promotes his or her practice, they will want to see the results of their marketing spend in real time. Clients see every call, the source of each call, which was answered, unanswered, and new caller vs returning caller. Transparency and accurate result reporting is a big reason why New Patients, Inc retains clients for decades.

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