Custom Dental Marketing Plans

A goal without a plan is just a wish! Our custom marketing plans give you a clear path for your practice and its future. Get your complimentary Dental Marketing plan today!


Why do you need a Professional Dental Marketing Plan from New Patients Inc?

New Patients, Inc. is the dental marketing firm dentists keep.

You Don’t Have Time

Being a great dentist should be your priority.

You Don’t Know ALL The Possibilities

You don’t do this all day, every day, like we do.

You WILL Have a Better Chance for Success

Risk to your budget will be lower. Results will be more transparent, more robust, and longer lasting.

You Should Understand The Strategy

The strategy should make perfect logical sense. If it doesn’t, don’t implement it.

Our Data Driven Approach in a Nutshell

Actionable Projects

Identify the least risk, highest ROI marketing projects in your market exceed your goals.

Competitive & Target Analysis

Reduce risk to your marketing dollars by doing a thorough analysis of your competition and target demographics.

Deployment Strategies

Based on historical data, we can advise the best time of year to implement your marketing projects.

Marketing Plan FAQs

Zero, zilch, nada. There is no obligation on your part. You will not be hounded by sales calls. Gathering critical data, studying it, and using our 30+ year experience to build customized dental marketing plans is the only responsible way to offer specific recommendations.

It should take you about 2 minutes to complete. If you don’t immediately know the answers to a couple questions, either take your best shot – or leave it blank. If we need the information after the marketing plan is built, we will specifically ask.

Once you’ve finished, your answers will go to our corporate headquarters. Competitive analysis, targeting analysis, and demographic analysis reports will be run on the market you serve. Then, we build your plan and explain it to you over a scheduled Zoom call/meeting.

Once you have your plan and understand the details after our Zoom meeting, your role is to decide if it makes sense. It should make perfect logical sense to you. If something doesn’t quite make sense, ask us for clarification. Then follow up with the references we give you.

Just tell us during our conversation. Dentists come in all shapes and sizes. Some situations require a conservative marketing plan while others require an aggressive mix and deployment schedule. We will tailor your plan to fit your situation.

Ready to Break Free from The Stress of Your Marketing?

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