Unique Dental Marketing Ideas
with Alternate Media


What Are Alternate Media Types?

Alternate media is any form of media that falls outside of your typical dental marketing idea. For example, car wraps, transit station signage (posters or ads on benches), mall pylons or building banners. Ad specialty items also fall under this category. These are give-away items such as coffee mugs, pens, calendars, floss cartridges, toothbrushes and more. The options are nearly endless.

Once you have a well-established dental marketing plan that includes your website, internal promotion and a robust direct mail program, you can start expanding your marketing efforts. Alternate media is great for building brand awareness and building goodwill with the community, at a reasonable cost. A common form of alternate media is the take-home bags that many patients receive after their appointment.

Why do I need Alternate Media?

What Should I Do if I Have a Potential Alternate Media in Which to Promote My Practice?

Call us first! Chances are – we’ve already done it and have testing data on it.

Tell us about your situation and this potential new dental marketing idea. Give us all the specifics you can. We never say we’ve done everything (“everything” is undefinable). But you would be surprised at the breadth and scope of our experience promoting dental practices through alternate media.

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