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What is Practice Control Center?


Practice Control Center is a sophisticated call tracking service combined with our client success team. Together, they provide dental practice owners with executive level visibility in to their marketing and front desk performance – all in under 15 minutes per month!

Our reporting will tell you:

  • What aspects of your marketing are working, and which are not.
  • Which hours during the week you might need more phone coverage.
  • If your staff could benefit from call tracking for dentists, call management and training.

Practice Control Center Comes Packed with Features & Benefits


  • Records every incoming call to any of your inbound tracking numbers. Examples might be: Google local, direct searchers, organic searchers, Google Ads, Ad Extensions, social media, and all your mail campaigns.
  • Our analysts listen, classify, and rate every call so you and your team don’t have to.
  • Monthly reporting that summarizes the outcome of every call source.
  • Our phone call tracking system sends text notifications for you and pop-up notifications for your team are available for new calls.


  • Eliminates the anxiety and stress of not really knowing. Data and knowledge are power.
  • Instantly improve call handling and every active marketing campaign.
  • Make more informed and more positive practice growth decisions.

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