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New Patients Inc has been providing offline dental marketing services since 1989. Our Founder literally wrote the book on how to effectively market a dental office in order to attract high-quality new patients. In this era of digital marketing, offline marketing is vital. No big web company you have ever heard of (Amazon, Google, Yahoo, WalMart) spends 100% of their marketing budget online. Almost all of them split their budgets 50/50 (online/offline). Offline drives NEW people to your website. They go hand in hand.


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Offline Dental Marketing Services

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing has been around since the dawn of dental advertising and would be considered a more aggressive approach to marketing your dental practice. With offline marketing you are not waiting for consumers to find you, rather you are finding them through targeted marketing. You are imposing new information or introducing new benefits of your practice which were previously unknown. Traditional methods of offline marketing include: print media, all forms of mail, radio, TV, signage and more.

Offline Marketing is Half of Your Dental Marketing Equation

When using offline advertising you are not only educating the consumer on the dental services you provide, but you are also using these mediums to drive qualified local traffic to your dental practice’s online properties. Think of offline promotion as an ad telling people about the store, where the store is located and announcing the benefits of shopping there. While the website (online marketing) is the storefront, where all the services and products are on display.

Aggressive Advertising + Passive Advertising = Balanced Advertising

In the last 10 years many dentists have shifted to strictly online marketing. An effective, consistent and long-lasting approach utilizes both online and offline marketing. This gives you a balanced marketing plan that involves both methods. One educates those who don’t know what they need and the other will attract the shoppers who have already been diagnosed (potentially).

Why Choose New Patients Inc?

At New Patients Inc we have spent the last three decades exclusively marketing dental practices and one of the things we learned was that no two practices are marketed the same way. We understand how you advertise your services depends on where you are located and who you are targeting. Some practices require a 60/40 split of aggressive/passive advertising, while others would benefit in having those ratios reversed.

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