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Your business listings are still one of the most important things, and they are always overlooked. Having the wrong phone number or suite number not only confuses potential new patients but also confuses Google.


Why Local Optimization?

For any brick and mortar business, a local presence is a must-have for growth. Dental practices are no different. There are many signals Google considers when determining your practice’s spot organically and on the map. Google will look at your website, reviews, social engagements, search behavior, and brand relevancy. There is a lot of ground to cover if you want to rank on the first page, and keeping it all organized and up to date can be very time-consuming.

Local Optimization is the first step to a healthy ranking dental practice. If your market is competitive, just doing Local may not be enough, but it’s a start. At NPI, we always recommend making room in the budget for Local Optimization because it’s a low-cost, long-term, VERY effective marketing solution.


Google My Business Optimization

A fully optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing, if done correctly, will make your practice stand out over all others in the search and on the map. Google listings have evolved into the ultimate source for business information. Without clicking, searchers are instantly exposed to your reviews, availability, services, website, and social media profiles. Studies show that, in 2021, 64% of Google users have used GMB to find contact details for a local business – and this figure is likely to grow.

The OTHER Listings

Google isn’t the only company on the block that offers business listings, and the ranking game is no longer about the quantity of listings, but about quality. Your existing listings need to be monitored and updated, and new listings should only be created on relevant, high authority directories.


Call Tracking & Results Dashboard

In order to monitor our progress and your results accurately, we pair our Local Optimization service with a call tracking number and a Results Dashboard that is pre-loaded with the most common local search terms for your area. If you have any other search terms you would like to monitor, we will gladly add them to your dashboard to help save you time.


Results Dashboard

You will be provided with an online dashboard where you can monitor your local SEO for the duration of your service. As well, you will receive monthly reports that provide you with a snapshot of the vital statistics of your online presence over the last month.

A unique call tracking number will be set up for your Google My Business page. With this number, you will also have access to a results dashboard where you are able to monitor phone calls and receive key information about each call.

Already Have Practice Control Center?

Adding the Local Optimization service solves another piece of the marketing puzzle. In addition to your existing Sources, a Local source will be included in your call dashboard, and you will have full visibility of the effectiveness of your online marketing.

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