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Dental Marketing Software

Our dental marketing software solutions allow you to effectively communicate with your patients whether they are making an appointment, you want to make it easy for them to leave you a great Google review, or just send them recall and appointment reminders. In addition, we have developed a marketing results dashboard which allows you to see and hear your marketing results in real time.

Digital Forms

Digital forms, a streamlined way to reduce entry errors in your practice.

Practice Control Center

Understanding how your staff communicates is the key to growth.



See Dentistry’s Only
Real-Time, Online-Scheduling



Become the Review
Leader in Your Area



Automated Internal Marketing
with NPI Crusader PlusTM


Client Result

See & Hear Your Marketing
Results in Real Time

Why do we offer software solutions?

New Patients Inc has spent the last 30 years helping dental practices attract high quality new patients. Many of our team members have worked in dental practices and have even owned practices. We understand what it takes to run the day-to-day operation of a practice. We know that having systems in place, that smoothly integrate with your practice management software, can be a game changer when it comes to helping with patient management and the work-flow efficiency. We have thoroughly vetted the applications available and have chosen the highest quality ones to be apart of our software solutions.

What software solutions do we offer?

Our software solutions include online scheduling, online reputation management, internal patient communication and a dashboard which displays the results of your current marketing efforts, in real time.

LocalMed Connect ™ online scheduling allows patients to book their appointments 365/24/7. Depending on the type of appointment (new patient or existing patient) they will only be shown the time slots available that match their request. You will NOT lose control over your schedule! You will gain more new patients.

Our online reputation management software sends your patients a text or email after they visit asking how their appointment went. The patient is given the option to select a happy or unhappy face and from there they are directed to the appropriate screen to fill in a response. It’s easy for your patients to leave you great reviews, so you end up with more great Google reviews!

The internal patient communication software allows you to automatically send emails or text messages to patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, confirm appointments, book recalls, and send e-newsletters or promotions. It also allows for online scheduling (provided you have already signed up for LocalMed Connect ™).

NPI’s client dashboard eliminates the uncertainty of wondering whether your marketing efforts are bringing in patients – wonder no more! With our marketing results dashboard, you will be able to easily identify which marketing efforts lead to each phone call, the caller’s phone number and if they are a new or returning patient.

The benefit of utilizing our dental marketing software

All of our software seamlessly integrates with most practice management systems. With quick and easy setup, managed by our client success managers, your team will be up and running in very short order! Imagine no longer missing new patient calls, becoming the review leader in your area and increasing patient retention. With the right software solutions, business challenges become business advantages.

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