Dental Mass Media Marketing


Dental Mass Media Marketing

Are Radio and Television a Viable Use for a Portion of My Marketing Budget?

Yes. No. Maybe!

There are two scenarios where a dentist would want to use radio or television to promote their dental practice.

The first is to gain significant, short-term familiarity. The second is to continue to expand their existing promotion reach beyond their existing internal, direct response (mail), and print media exposure.

A thorough media and market analysis will tell you if radio or television is viable in your area.

Is Radio or Television Affordable?

They can be.

The closer you are to a major metropolitan area, the harder it’s going to be to fit an effective budget into a responsible marketing budget. A thorough media and market analysis will tell you if radio or television is viable in your area. We do that for you.

If I Am Going to Advertise on Radio or Television, What Would I Promote?

All of your primary marketable attributes should be promoted. This requires multiple scripts and rotating those scripts throughout your purchased air time.

What Should I Expect if I Promote My Practice Over the Radio or Television?

Assuming radio or television is viable in your market, you should expect a slow but steady build of new patient momentum over time. You can accelerate that process by front-loading your exposures at the beginning of your campaign (this generates familiarity), but in general, a slow, steady build toward consistent results.

What About Billboards? Aren’t They Very Expensive?

Yes, they can be, but there are also bargains to be had if you know how to look. NPI has done many successful billboards. A thorough market analysis (along with a traffic study) is a must before you even think about this medium.

Contact an Advisor to learn more about what NPI can do for you in dental mass media marketing!

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