A Dental Consumer Search Based Website is Your
Marketing Foundation


Why Are NPI-Built Dental Websites so Effective?

Because we know it takes more than just pretty artwork. Everything has to work in concert with everything else. Like this:


Why Trust NPI to Build Your Next Website?

Data. Specifically, dental consumer search and visitor behavior data. Consumer search data tells us what to put first, second, and third, on our client websites. We build our websites in what some people consider reverse order. While everyone else is asking the dentist what they “like or dislike” on their website, we are implementing what the dental consumers respond to – within an acceptable scheme for the dentist.

How Can I Tell My Website is Better?

You will see it! You can listen to it! You can report on it! Yes! You will have an easy to navigate dashboard which will show you (assuming you have us handle your optimization) calls from search, social media, your google business page, a direct search, and of course any paid advertising we do for you. Bottom line: Transparency in the value of our work, AND, how your team is doing on the phone.

Ever Evolving, Integrated, & Zero Hassle Practice Website

You probably already have a hosting company, domain company, website developer, maybe a Google Local optimizer and maybe an SEO person working on your website. Now add review/reputation and online scheduling. Let’s not forget call tracking and management. Our clients have one company, one team, one dashboard, no hassle, full transparency & total control. You take care of patients, we will take care of you.

We Understand How the Dental Consumer Views Dentistry

When it comes to understanding the dental consumer and their view on dental care, we have over 30 years of experience absorbing what works, what doesn’t, and most important – why. Proper messaging is a powerful weapon in your quest to convert website visitors to more new patients. Avoid companies who ask you to provide the messaging for your website.

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