Internal Marketing for Dental Practices

Let your patients know what YOU can do for them!


What is an Internal Marketing Medium?

It’s any opportunity you have to do two things: educate the patient base of the benefits of the dentistry you perform and turn them into raving fans of your practice.

They’ve Already Given You Money. They Already Trust You. So Let Them Know What Else You Can Do for Them.

Internal promotions consist of periodic communications to your existing patients. This can take the form of an emailed newsletter, a paper snail mail newsletter, or other texts/emails. And any in-office literature about treatments you offer.

They Usually Only Know What You Did on Them

Maybe they don’t know that you can help with their teenager’s ortho, cure their husband’s snoring, repair ugly, stained teeth with veneers, or perform tongue-tie surgery on their infant grandson.

Internal dental marketing and education creates awareness with patients who were previously unaware of the scope and breadth of your services. It might not be your existing patient who is impacted, it might be someone in their family, their circle of friends, or someone where they work. Internal dental marketing is like priming an internal referral machine.

How Much of My Annual Marketing Budget Should be Devoted to Internal Mediums?

About 5% of your annual marketing budget. There are almost limitless things NPI can do to help a dental practice get more from their existing patient base, but you don’t have to do it all in one budget year.

A steady and consistent application of a small portion of your annual budget is really all you need.

A steady and consistent application of a small portion of your annual budget is really all you need.

Does the Improvement Happen Quickly?

No. Proper application of internal promotion is something that consistently generates small volumes of great patients.

It Costs 5 Times More to Obtain a New Patient Than It Does to Keep the Ones You Already Have

Ask us how we can leverage internal promotions for your practice!

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