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3 Marketing Media Ideas That Should Never Be Considered

With the vast array of mass marketing media options to choose from, there are some that should never be used. Here is our list of 3 media options that should never be considered.

Bad idea #1: Store receipts or pharmacy bags

Advertising on the back of grocery store receipts or on pharmacy bags is a waste. OK, we know we’re going to hear from the TWO dentists in the US who used grocery store receipts or pharmacy bag advertising and got a fabulous return on investment. Fine, glad it worked out for you. But for the vast majority of dentists (and we can say this because we have tested it) – our advice is the reverse of Nike’s: ‘Just DON’T do it!’

Bad idea #2: Grocery store video ads

You may have seen these in your local grocery store… a video monitor at the checkout counter that loops advertising to entertain you while you wait.

This medium may have potential, but for now, the jury is still out. It’s just too new to have solid data on the returns you can expect.

We suspect that participation in this medium is similar to other type of TV advertising—you have to commit to it for the long haul to gain enough repetition or frequency to make an impression on your audience. Unfortunately, as with movie theatre ads, this medium takes longer than television does to create that kind of frequency.

Ask yourself: how many times will the viewer see the message while standing in line at grocery checkout? If they see it only once each time they are in the store, and they visit the store every two weeks, you’re NEVER going to build up the exposure you need to create an impression.

Bad idea #3: Movie theater ads

When this medium was new, it was a viable way to promote your practice. But it’s not new anymore and as a result it’s far less effective than it used to be. First, people are just blocking them out. Second, you’re just not getting the repeat exposure you need to see a response. Most people go to the movies once a month—that’s NOT enough exposure to get your message through to them.

When choosing the marketing medium to spend your ad dollar on, make sure to start out with the lowest risk ad! As you build your patient base and your ad budget increases you will be able to start venturing into higher risk marketing mediums. We’ve outline how to allocate your marketing budget in a previous post!

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