Marketing Spend – Results Dashboard

What Do You Want to Know About Your Marketing?

Amazingly, most dentist don’t want to know how to craft a message, create a design, or deal with the many details of orchestrating an effective, coordinated marketing strategy.

What they DO want is:

  • Is my marketing firm doing a good job?
  • Are new patients calling my practice?
  • Are new patients scheduling online?
  • Are we (the team) answering the phones when a new patient calls our office?
  • Is my team able to convert all of the opportunities within the new patient call volume?
  • Am I missing any calls from new patients?

And, dentists want to be able to assess all of this in less than 2 minutes per day.

Call Tracking Is More Than Just a Unique Phone Number

When you sign up for our call tracking services you receive more than just a set of unique phone numbers. You receive access to a client result dashboard that contains important analytic data showing the connections between your incoming calls and your marketing efforts. In addition to this data, all calls are recorded for quality assurance and training. Finally, periodic reports are sent to your client success manager, your Advisor, and you.


When a Patient Calls Your Dental Office

As each call comes in, the call tracking software immediately notifies your staff of the caller’s phone number, whether they are a new or repeat caller and which marketing effort was the origin of this call. This allows your staff to be prepared for the type of appointment request or questions which may arise.

Visible Results Within Minutes

With the client result dashboard, you can review data from each call within minutes of the call completion. This data includes the recorded conversation, origin of call, marketing source, time and duration of the call and much more. With this data, you will be able to see when calls are
missed, the time frame when most calls are received, call conversions, enter the correct source into your practice management software, and have a much more accurate calculation of return on investment.

Client Result Dashboard – Examples

Call Logs – Your Daily View:

Everything you need to track patient calls in this easy-to-read dashboard.

Your Executive View:

Want to dive deeper into your analytics? We’ve got you covered with detailed reports.



If you are still relying on asking your patients how they found your practice, you are making really important future business marketing decisions, based on erroneous data.

As more and more dental practices adopt multi-channel marketing plans (paid online, organic, social, offline, etc.), remembering what first attracted the new patient becomes more and more difficult for your patients to remember.

Proper and simple marketing result monitoring gives dentists the ability to make the right business decisions based on REAL data in real time. All of this is good for any dentist anywhere.

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