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What Are You Missing?

“I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to know that you are not missing new patient opportunities when you are not physically in the office to answer the phone. How many new patients are you missing by not having this amazing service?”

Dr. Wayne Sutton,
Sonoma Smiles


“The online scheduler has made it easier for our patients (and new patients) to find themselves a convenient spot in our schedule. The response from patients has been amazingly positive and the team likes that they don't have to answer the phone quite as much.”

Dr. Jason Luchtefeld,
Robinson Smile Center


“2 points related to what you listed. 1) Setup was very easy, Localmed just needed a few minutes on the server. We haven’t had any service glitches, and patients can create actual appointments online without front office intervention. 2) We get a small number of new patients through LocalMed, BUT we have had 0 no shows. I think it’s because the patients make their own appointments directly in the system, they take the appointment seriously. If they need to make changes, they always email or call at least a day ahead of time.”

Dr. James Park,
Park Dental of Colmar


“Most online services only request an appointment time. LocalMed is done in ‘Real Time’, online and set up to only show the appointment times that are available. There is no confusion in the process, no double booking or schedule conflicts. Believe it or not, Most patients are booking online appointments at times that are convenient for THEM, and this is usually not when our offices are typically open. Do yourself a favor, take down the roadblocks to letting people get into your office for the care that they want, use LocalMed.”

Dr. Robert Henkel,
Woburn Dental Associates

What is LocalMed Connect™?

LocalMed Connect is an online scheduling platform that integrates with all the major general and ortho practice management software on the market. LocalMed has over 4,000 installs in the US and Canada of this fully vetted and tested platform. The software is installed on your website through a widget and can be added to various social media platforms.

Why Would You Need Online Scheduling?

Mainly because you don’t want to miss out on any new patients! By our own result tracking over the years we’ve found that 19.7% of the calls into a dental practice are missed! This means that almost 20% of your marketing budget is being wasted simply because you don’t have your phones fully covered. This may be because your office is closed, or it’s lunchtime or any number of other reasons. With LocalMed Connect, new and existing patients are given the ability to schedule their appointment when it is convenient for them – 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day! Patients will no longer have to wait for the office to be open to book an appointment.

Will I Lose Control Over My Schedule?

No! You will be in complete control. Patients don’t get to choose any time they want. YOU set the rules for appointment booking and the online scheduling software compares that to your practice management software to ensure the appropriate appointment type and chair are shown – no double-bookings or lost appointments!

The Benefit of Having New Patients Inc Manage Your LocalMed Connect

New Patients Inc has been working with LocalMed Connect for the past several years. At NPI we take care of all the logistics of having this software added to your website and social media platforms. This is coordinated with the installation of the software on your computers and the training of your staff.

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