Instantly Convert More New Patients

Finally! “I will call you back” doesn’t have to happen… EVER AGAIN! All the insurance questions a patient may have can now be answered in 5 seconds.


Benefits All-Around

Select your role to learn more about how you can benefit from Online Instant Insurance Eligibility.

Verification in Seconds

Designed to reduce 30% of front desk time, dental insurance eligibility software takes the edge off administrative burdens that hamper productivity.

Instant Access to Patient Eligibility Logs

This drastically reduces waiting room time by an estimated 40%, and improves patient satisfaction 4X.

On–Demand Insurance Eligibility Reports

No more hours wasted on the phone with insurance providers. Get patients into the exam room faster with better clarity and reassurance on eligibility status. Eligibility Report details vary depending on the Insurance Provider.

Integrates with Eaglesoft, Dentrix, & Open Dental!

Increased Value of Existing Marketing

We know how much it costs to get your phone to ring. Don’t risk losing those expensive marketing calls to more insurance questions. Convert more of the calls you’re ALREADY getting and maximize YOUR return on investment.

  • Reduces New Patient No-Shows
  • Reduces Patient Complaints
  • Happier Front Desk!

Unrivaled Customer Service

Be the ONE dental practice that can give them answers. Dental patients can be sensitive, especially ones that haven’t been treated in a while. Put them at ease knowing you provide comprehensive and quality patient care in and out of the operatory.

Your Time is Valuable

How much energy is spent collecting insurance information every day? How many times has that effort paid off? Instant Online Eligibility ensures you provide accurate information without having to put them on hold or call them back. In 5 seconds, you’ll know:

Meaningful Connections

When you’re juggling four phone calls, it’s hard to make a positive impression with patients at the front desk. Checkout is the perfect time to gauge the happiness of a patient and identify the best opportunities for reviews and referrals. Instant Online Insurance Eligibility gives your staff the time to nurture those connections and the confidence to ask for that feedback.


We Integrate

No extra work or double entry is required from your end!
A PDF goes right into the Document Center.


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