Dreaming About Participating with Fewer Insurance Plans?

The objective of this program is to help the dentist and team navigate and implement what it takes to successfully complete a fee for service business model transition. This could mean one plan or ten plans, depending upon the practice.


Your Guides for this Journey

Other Special Guests Should Be Expected

The Fee for Service Intro Course is Free

You will learn how to analyze the risk to your practice and how easy or difficult it will be to replace those patients, just to see if you “should” move closer to a fee-for-service model. At the end, if your decision is to make the transition, a Pro Membership is required to move forward.


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Here is what you can look forward to:

Unit 1 – Preparing for Your Journey
Everyone in your practice and in your life (at home) will want to know and understand what you are doing and what they should expect. You will know what expectations to communicate to all of them at the end of Unit 1.

Unit 2 – Preparing Your Practice Schedule and Communications
Having room in your schedule to appoint brand new FFS patients is key to the speed of this transition. Now that you are marketing, you must have a place to put them! You will learn why and how to re-work this vital business system.

Unit 3 – Preparing Your Staff and Changing your Culture
Moving toward a Fee for Service business model can be the most rewarding months and years of a dental career, for both the business and clinical team. We will show you how. We also cover how to monitor and control the practice’s compliance with the course training.

Unit 4 – Milestones, Celebrations, & Refinements
Say goodbye to your first insurance company! Celebrate and reward! We will show you how. Which plan is next on your list? You and your team will know and have a brand-new achievement objective.

Unit 5 – Graduation
Celebration for the freedom you achieved is priceless! Our ultimate objective is to have a Fee for Service Continuing Education event in Las Vegas. We want to bring hundreds of like-minded practices together and celebrate the beginners, those in the middle, and definitely those who have gone full fee for service.


The Details

Timing & Scheduling:

Each unit will have a series of on-demand, at your leisure, tasks or objectives which must be completed prior to moving on to the next unit.


You and every other member will be invited and encouraged to participate in a discussion about your individual journey. A big part of being successful in transitioning to a more FFS business model, is knowing you are not alone. There are other dentists who have already done it, dentists who are halfway through, and dentists who are just starting. You will learn from those who have come before you, and maybe make a few friends along the way. Course instructors will also participate in the community.

Instructors in this program have all been in the dental industry for decades. They all have businesses which provide services to dentists. You are not obligated in any way to purchase services from any of the instructors.

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