Is Print Media Right For You?


Print Media Dental Marketing

Is Print Media a Viable Use for a Portion of Your Marketing Budget?

Yes. No. Maybe!

Is there a print media outlet in your market that can be exploited properly to generate a solid return on investment?
When you can generate solid results greater than 50% of the time, you have a very viable promotion medium. Most dental practices should consistently allocate a portion of their overall marketing budget to print media marketing.

Don’t completely overlook the print media. In many markets, it can be a goldmine.

What is Print Media?

We are talking about newspapers (not the major dailies), local magazines, neighborhood newspapers. Retirement communities often have a newsletter for residents. Churches often have a newsletter and so on. There are almost limitless non-traditional print media outlets available to local advertisers, you just have to look for them. A bonus is that these local newspapers are more likely to be read by the community that you are in as they contain news on local events, sports teams and more.

When it comes to advertising in a local newspaper, you have two different options. You can choose an ad based up on size (i.e., a 3 by 5-inch space on an 8.5 by 11-inch page) to place your information. Or you can opt for a newspaper insert, which allows you to use both sides of an 8.5 by 11-inch piece of paper. These inserts tend to be full color and glossy.

Are There Considerations in Choosing a Particular Print Media Outlet?

Yes! Initial considerations would be: subscriber density, subscriber geography, & competitive dilution (other dentists advertising in the same media outlet). Best case scenario is a paper/magazine/newsletter which is distributed very close to your practice, has no other dentists advertising, and has the front cover, back cover, or inside front cover available. Or, will allow you to “insert” your double sided full page glossy ad page (insert) inside their piece.

How Do I Tip the Scales in My Favor?

Do your homework. Choose the best media outlet(s) first. If there is any, plan to dominate your competition (in both ad size and design). Carefully track performance using a unique call tracking phone number. Review results and either move the budget if it does not perform or expand the budget if it does perform. Contact our Advisors to learn more about using print media to your advantage!

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