Dr. Ryan Shearer



A Dental Marketing Case Study

Back Story

Dr. Shearer graduated dental school in 2005. After working five years in a public setting to pay down his student loans, in 2010 he left and found an older dentist interested in transitioning out of ownership. The practice was purchased in 2011.

Initial Exam/Diagnosis/Findings

Marketing Assets/Liabilities/Problems/Challenges

The practice was buried inside a four story medical building with zero outside signage or advertising. Basically, only existing patients knew the practice was there. Dr. Shearer didn’t know anything about websites, SEO, or dental advertising.

Here is what he did know. He knew he needed to grow but he just wasn’t sure how. Marketing a dental practice as a first time owner is very nerve wracking. You probably don’t have a large pile of cash for a marketing budget. As a young new practice owner, you just don’t know what you don’t know. He researched several dental advertising companies. Eventually he decided to become a client of New Patients Inc.

The Treatment Plan (Marketing Plan)

Step 1

Build a website to receive traffic from offline promotion (mail) initially, and eventually online traffic through proper search engine optimization.

Step 2

Design, produce, deploy a brochure type mailer. These drive only the highest quality local traffic to the new website. Mail goes out monthly except July and December. Target ONLY the top 40% of the closest local population. Top 40% in geography, household income, credit worthiness, and marketability index. Spend $0 of his marketing budget on anyone below the top 40%.

Step 3

Begin local and organic search engine optimization.

Step 4

Install call tracking for result data analysis.

Once result data shows forward momentum and budget allows:

Step 5

Internet Review and Online Reputation management software (NPI Crusader™)

Step 6

Online scheduling integration between the new website and Dr. Shearer’s practice management software (LocalMed Connect™).

Outcome – Results after 8 years of ownership

  • 25% of new patients are coming through referral – good quality new patients
  • 25% are coming in through the mailers – good quality new patients
  • 50% of them are finding him online – some good quality new patients
  • Dr. Shearer has stayed within reasonable marketing budget limits every year
  • Dr. Shearer’s practice has doubled (100% growth) in top line revenues, staff, size, and bottom line profits.


Collected & analyzed data from dentist


Marketing plan was phased in as budget and practice size increased.


Reviewed data & made adjustments as required


8 Years Later 100% Growth In Practice Size, Staff & Revenues

A note from Dr. Shearer

“I know without a doubt, I could not have reached this growth with my practice without partnering with NPI the entire time. I have been 100% pleased with my relationship with them, and I look forward to many more years partnering with them in advertising for my practice.”

Dr. Shearer and his team are the perfect NPI client. Ryan is perfectly comfortable delegating his marketing. He does what he does, which is focus 100% on the care of his patients. We do what we do, which is focus our efforts on getting the RIGHT patients to call his practice and become new patients. Every time we made a recommendation for further growth, Dr. Shearer listened. It has been a pleasure being his “marketing department”.

A note about Dr. Shearer’s practice and results,
from our President, Mark Dilatush.

A couple lessons to learn from this case study.

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