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Lori Cockley, DDS

Lori Cockley DDS"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story is Dr. Lori Cockley.

"We took over a practice from a retiring doctor in late 2006. One of our challenges was to earn the trust of the people in the community. We hired New Patients, Inc. to help us. We started with a mail campaign and some other projects. At first I wasn't too sure how the designs, deployment and the overall marketing plan would go. I thought my ideas were better! Well, I was wrong. I followed NPI's advice and in a very short time our office was filled with good new patients.

Now that we've been in a recession for a while I've been thinking we'd be happy just to hold our own or maybe decline just a bit. It seems all the other practices in our area are being hit hard. We've certainly seen a slow down but we're still up 24% over this time last year and I'm convinced it is because we continue to market with NPI.

My advice to colleagues: get NPI on your team, listen to them and market like crazy during this recession. When the economy rebounds you will already have prospective new patients out in your community who know who you are and what you can do for them. And because many of them have put off their dental care, they're going to need a lot of work!

And you will be the one doing it!"

Bridget Burris, DDS

Bridge Burris DDS"We are very pleased with the success of our NPI campaign and have renewed for another year. We feel that the quality of patients we are receiving is very good. We are in an area that grew tremendously before the economy turned down. We seem to be reaching a large number of those folks who are new to the area. The campaign is attracting retirees from Eastern US and California coming here for our beautiful weather and lower cost of living."

Jason Luchtefeld, DDS

Jason Luchtefeld DDS"When my partner came into the practice it became apparent that we weren't busy enough to keep us both as productive as we wanted to be.

I had some experience with several dental marketing companies through DentalTown. After some research we decided to give Mark Dilatush at New Patients, Inc. a call. I have known Mark for many years through DentalTown. In fact, I have known Howie as well . . . being a young stud on DT back in 2000, graduating from dental school and opening a scratch practice, Howie sent me his marketing books - great guy that Howie Horrocks!

During the conversation with Mark we were both impressed with his candor and instant research recollection. We felt like NPI would be a good fit for us. We started working with NPI's Art Director, Terry Aley, and came up with a comprehensive, professional looking mailer/brochure. Since our expertise involves teeth and not marketing we felt it best to pretty much go with the suggestions of Mark and Terry on how to deploy the campaign.

The first drop went down in March. Initially, we had calls from tire-kickers looking for prices, but didn't take long for the good patients to start calling, appointing, and completing treatment. We went from 15-20 NPs per month to 52 in July and 41 in August 2010. Our revenue has gone from 90 - 100k per month to 120 in July and 130 in August.

We are tremendously happy with the response and with the New Patients Inc. team."

Ushma Patel, DDS

Ushma Patel DDS"Dr. Ushma Patel and her husband Tony opened their suburban Atlanta practice just two months after 9/11. They were surrounded by well established practices and so faced an uphill challenge. Their story is best told in Dr. Patel's own words.

Dear Howie,

I have enjoyed working with you and your company for these last several years. You do what you say you're going to do and in this day and age that is key. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my experiences with New Patients, Inc. with my colleagues.

Every year since we have started with NPI we have reached our yearly goals. Our revenue doubled from 2003 to 2004 and tripled in 2005. This year we are on track for that number to be 3.5 times. The quantity of new patients wasn't our only goal. We wanted good quality. In fact, overall new patient numbers dipped a bit after NPI made some changes in the marketing campaign. Now we are doing higher dollar amounts of dentistry on fewer patients which is exactly what we wanted!

I think that when members in the community see our marketing over and over again it creates a level of credibility in their minds. It shows them that we are committed to being a strong part of the community and that we are there to stay. NPI was very effective in connecting with our target audience. They were able to appeal to the emotional side of dentistry (in a very subtle way). This caused certain types of people to respond and call us. I think there are many companies who can market a dental practice but there aren't many that understand how important it is to get the right marketing to the right people. And that is what I felt NPI did for us.

I would also like to point out that our results took time to grow. We were disappointed at the numbers initially but we knew we were becoming better known in the community and it would only be a matter of time until the numbers followed. And that's just what happened.

Conclusion: If we did not do this marketing program we would have not gotten the accelerated growth. The practice may have become stagnant as more dentists flocked to the area since we opened our doors. So THANK YOU Howie and the whole NPI team for helping us to get on our way when we needed it the most! We look forward to many more rewarding years to come."

Elizabeth Fleming, DDS

"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story comes from Dr. Elizabeth Fleming.

"We've been seeing signs of the recession here in the Southwest. Many practices are experiencing a drop in the numbers of new patients, some practices have even closed.

Though our production numbers were down for 2008, we found we still had quality patients coming in from our NPI mailer, and the production generated from these patients was 15% of our 2008 production total. 2009 is showing similar results, so far.

The campaign that NPI put into place back in 2003 is still working well. They update it for us about every 10-12 months. It is continually producing more quality new patients than any external marketing we have ever done, and these NPI patients refer their family and friends to our office.

I am sure glad I have NPI on my team!"

Edmond W. Suh, DDS

"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story is Dr. Ed Suh.
"I've been with NPI since 2005 and am now on my 4th campaign. It's turned out to be the best marketing decision I ever made.

With this recession I'm seeing other practices in my area suffer. One has even closed down. A major PPO company came into the area and advertised heavily so that didn't help.

And yet, we are up 18% over last year which amazes me! We have been consistently marketing every month since 2005 and I'm sure glad for that. Without the NPI program I'm certain we would be suffering much like the other practices around me.

Heartfelt thanks to Howie, Mark, Terry, JoEllen and the rest of the NPI guys and gals."

Edmond W. Suh, DDS

"I was as gun shy as they come about marketing. I had just shelled out over $16,000 for a direct mail campaign with a major company. It failed miserably. It wasn't that their campaign didn't generate calls - it did. But the patients weren't at all what I'd call quality.

Let's just say I wasn't chomping at the bit to have THAT experience again.

But I talked with Howie Horrocks at a DentalTown meeting a couple years ago. This led me to talking with Mark Dilatush and that led me to have hope again that marketing might work for me.

NPI put together a plan. We started with direct mail and to be honest I was totally against the designs they produced. I actually liked the other mailer that failed more than I liked the NPI mailer (typical dentist, I know!). Note to colleagues: we are dentists. Don't try to be an Art Director or Copywriter. Leave that to the pros!

My results: High quality new patients started showing up right away. Not huge numbers of them, but they were WAY better patients. I even dropped Delta and lost at least 30% of my patient base but my ROI went up! The patients coming in from the NPI mailer are pre-sold and excited to be in my practice. Yes, I said excited - as I am now!

Heartfelt thanks to Howie, Mark, Eddie, Terry, JoEllen and everyone else on the NPI team."

Lori Cockley, DDS

Lori Cockley DDS"I was having a hard time developing and projecting the right image for my new practice and keeping consistent new patients seeking comprehensive quality dental care. I needed a defined marketing program instead of the hit-or-miss one currently in place.

I called New Patients, Inc. and we started with a direct mail campaign and some internal marketing. At first I was very skeptical and fought Howie and Mark all of the way about the design. I was looking for razzle dazzle and this had a homey look to it.

What was with the goofball family on the front cover? They assured me that "we know what we are doing" and "you don't have to like it, you're not our target" and "trust us", so I did.

My office is swamped!!! I saw 80 new patients in seven weeks. The phone still hasn't stopped ringing. We have April, May and a good bit of June filled with new patient appointments, at last count 170 seen or scheduled new patients since the mailer, but the calls haven't tapered off yet so my count keeps changing. I had to hire another full time assistant this week. I have gotten calls from people who haven't seen a dentist in 20-30 years.

What the heck was IN that mailer?

All I know is that the patients love it. Maybe these NPI guys do know a thing or two after all.

Thanks to Howie Horrocks, Eddie Facey, JoEllen Caruana, Mark Dilatush, Shirell Delaney and everyone else at New Patients, Inc. for such a fun ride!"

Jared Anderson, DDS

Dr. Jared Anderson"I initially chose New Patients, Inc. to handle my marketing because I wanted true professionals dealing with this so I could focus on managing my business.

And that's what I got with New Patients, Inc. Before NPI's campaign I was averaging 25 - 30 new patients per month. Now the average is 35. So there has been a noticeable increase in quantity. But the REAL improvement has been in the quality of the new patients.

I also love that I can call NPI and make alterations, changes, additions to my campaign, and know that they will do it right and make it happen quickly. It's a MAJOR weight off my mind knowing that my advertising is done professionally, and is based on research in the dental industry, rather than just someone with training in marketing.

I get a lot of compliments from my patients on how nice and appealing my ads are. That has to be an indicator that things are working the way they should. The practice is going really well. I have a superstar group of gals working for me. The last 6 months have been some of the best in my career in terms of production and profit margin.

Obviously, NPI has been a huge part of that! Many thanks to Howie, Mark, Eddie, JoEllen, Jane, Terry and the rest of the NPI team."

Elizabeth Fleming, DDS, PC

"After being a solo general dentist for 18 years, I discovered a great group of people participating on DentalTown. I used these people for information in my search for the latest and greatest in technology, marketing and continuing education. I had been in the same location for 16 years. My practice had stagnated and I needed to move.

My quest was to upgrade my office when moving to have state-of-the-art equipment and technology. I was breaking all the rules with my move...going 14 miles away from the old office and across two "barriers" (freeways). Would my old patients follow me in spite of the distance and barriers? How would I market my new office to the potential patients in this new area?

I was also worried about the pending move due to increasing overhead. I needed to hit the ground running.

Around this time I contacted Howie Horrocks at New Patients, Inc. He and his staff helped me to organize my office to become "marketable" and to develop a piece that would showcase who I was and what I could offer to my new patients. It would go out to targeted households above a certain income in surrounding areas near the office. Many of my dental friends received my marketing piece and have called to let me know how professional it looks.

And does it attract new patients? Previously I had done a direct mail piece. The difference between the NPI piece and the older direct mail piece is in the quality, not only in the presentation of the mailer, but also in the dental IQ of the patients who use it. I was pleasantly surprised (ecstatic) at how effective the NPI mailer was for my practice.

I moved into my new office in November 2004. Surprisingly, many of my old patients followed in spite of the distance and barriers to cross. We also obtained quality new patients interested in comprehensive dental care from my NPI marketing piece. My production has almost doubled since 2004, and I am busy with ideas to update my mailer for next year.

I'm glad I listened to the excellent advice from Rod Kurthy in my early days on DentalTown. My contact with Howie Horrocks and the staff at NPI has been instrumental in helping me to achieve the numbers of NP and production figures needed to make my move a success. They know their marketing! Thank you New Patients, Inc.!"

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