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2016 - Newsletters
  • March 11
    This is going to be BIG! DWC will help you win in your market.
  • March 29
    Dental Web Content Newsletter
2015 - Newsletters
  • December 18
    Why the internet and properly done direct mail make the perfect combination
  • June 11
    Call Tracking Revisited
  • March 11
    Oh Google - You've Done It Again!
  • March 5
    Effective promotion is a team sport
2014 - Newsletters
  • October 23
    It is definitely THAT time of year again!
  • July 3
    Halfway point of 2014 - Where are we?
  • April 17
    Time to act on filling in the rough spots! (July, September, December)
  • February 20
    Something you should definitely pay attention to...
  • January 23
    USPS announces increase in rates - won't let anyone know what they are.
2013 - Newsletters
  • November 27
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
  • October 17
    Using Stratification to Your Advantage
  • August 29
    Big, big, big stuff out of NPI
  • July 18
    Let's talk about barriers
  • June 13
    Let's talk about call tracking and calculating forward ROI
  • May 16
    How was your first quarter of 2013?
  • April 17
    Why you MUST watch capacity to foster growth
  • March 21
    Some Very Important Announcements!
2012 - Newsletters
  • December 6
    CONGRATULATIONS from New Patients, Inc!
  • November 15
    Preparing your practice promotion for the first quarter of 2013
  • October 10
    What to do between November 15, 2012 and December 31, 2012
  • September 24
    How to set-up for 2013
  • August 23
    Why 2013 May Be a Big Rebound Year - Get Ready
2011 - Newsletters
  • August 10
    Top Ten Ways to Destroy your Practice Promotion
  • July 6
    QR Codes Part 3
  • June 15
    QR Codes Part 2
  • May 26
    QR Codes Part 1
  • April 20
    Social Media: how to get results without tweeting like a twit
  • March 17
    The Business and Practice of Dentistry -
    From a Patient's Perspective
2010 - Newsletters
2009 - Newsletters
  • March 2009
    You're Selling Stuff - but what are people really buying from you? Adding WEIGHT in 2009 Marketing your Practice in Good Times and Bad
2008 - Newsletters
  • December 2008
    Radio - Making it Work
    Let's Talk About Media Math
    Planning for 2009 - Dealing With Economic Uncertainty
  • September 2008
    Attracting the Right Patients
    How Can I KNOW if First Impression Video Will Be a Good Investment?
    Mastering Phone Skills
  • July 2008
    The Dentist Likes It - But What About the Patients?
    Promoting Your Dental Practice When the Economy Slows
    First Impression Video
  • June 2008
    Overcoming the Biggest Barrier
    The Birth of First Impression Video
    First Impression Video
  • April 2008
    Your Marketing Image - Will the Public Respond?
    How Can I Tell if My Marketing is Working?
    First Impression Video
  • February 2008
    Cookie Cutter: Why Your Marketing May Miss the MARK
    How Can I Tell if My Practice is Growing?
2007 - Newsletters
  • December 2007
    How to Get More Referrals from Specialists
    Active Patient: Expanded
    Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office
  • November 2007
    What is the REAL Return on Investment for your Marketing Dollar?
    Active Patients Analyzed
  • September 2007
    What's Wrong with Emergencies?
    What is an Active Patient Anyway?
    Marketing Alert

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