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New Patients, Inc. helps dental practices get the highest return on investment from their marketing dollars. We produce marketing that gets the phone to ring. We've been doing this for 26 years.

But what happens after the phone rings?

FACT: 19.6% of new patients calling your office in response to your marketing DON'T get to talk to someone. Years of call tracking results tells us this could be happening in your office RIGHT NOW.


When do people call the most?

Do you have your phones covered on Fridays? During the weekday lunch hour? On the weekends? Be honest – probably not.

When do you think a busy working mom has time to call a dental office to make an appointment? Answer: Fridays, during the weekday lunch hour and on the weekends! Precisely the times you are likely sending their calls to voice mail!

FACT:  Did you know that a prospective new patient who calls your office only to get shunted to voice mail almost NEVER leaves their contact info? They simply move on.

That's a HUGE problem. But it's only HALF the problem!

What good does it do to get prospective new patients to call your office if you can't get them to make an appointment? And what good does it do to have prospective new patients respond to your marketing only to run into barrier after barrier when they call?

Let's say they DO get someone in your practice to answer the phone. How is that call handled? If it's handled poorly (which happens another 20 to 25% of the time) you LOSE that patient.

What are the solutions?Call Training

  1. Have your phones covered during ALL the times the prospective patient might call.
  2. Have your staff fully trained to handle these callers and turn them into new patients.
  3. Have the ability to FULLY track and source EACH and EVERY call made to your office.
  4. Have the ability to know exactly WHICH of your marketing efforts are producing the calls.
  5. Have the ability to RECORD every call for staff training purposes.
  6. Have access to EXPERT coaching for your staff so that they can learn how to turn callers into NEW PATIENTS.

First Impression Call Management and Training™

Our service does ALL of the above. We can track, trace, source and record EVERY call to your office. Then we TRAIN your staff to expertly handle every call correctly. Callers become new patient appointments.

Why New Patients, Inc.?

Other companies offer call tracking, call management and call training. So why should you choose NPI for these services? Three BIG reasons.

  1. New Patients, Inc. has 26 years of experience in attracting high-quality new patients into our clients' practices. During this time period we've done our own testing in the laboratory of the marketplace. We know what gets the right patients to respond. We also know what NOT to do and what doesn't work.
  2. In addition, we've done independent consumer research on what the dental consumer thinks of dentistry and the various procedures and treatments available in modern dentistry.Combining our own ongoing testing with our consumer research vastly increases our client's chances for success. It also saves them time and money they would normally have to spend doing their own marketing trial and error. We've already done it so they won't have to.
  3.  We have a team of experts who are very familiar with the challenges dental offices face every day. "Get the appointment" is easy to say, but much more difficult to achieve.

Dentists are validly concerned about the image their staff projects to the public – and so are we! NO dentist really wants their practice to be pushy or to use "hard sell" tactics on their patients. And they definitely don't want to engage in anything that could ever be construed as "bait and switch." We don't train your staff to do any of that nonsense.

Our First Impression Call Management team is headed by Jane Kriensky, who has worked in dentistry in various capacities for over 30 years. She's BEEN a "front desk person." She's BEEN a Clinical Dental Assistant. She's managed, coached and trained dental office staff and knows how to make them EFFECTIVE at turning callers into patients.

Complimentary Review

We will review your call management protocol at no cost or obligation and advise you where you are losing new patients and how to get more appointments from the calls you are getting. And NO, this is NOT one of those "mystery caller" things.

And you won't be hounded with endless phone calls, email or snail mail. We don't do that.

Call us now at (866) 336-8237 to find out how we can help you get the most out of your marketing dollar.


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