Dental Marketing Media

3 Marketing Media Ideas That Should Never Be Considered

With the vast array of mass marketing media options to choose from, there are some that should never be used. Here is our list of …

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Sample Marketing Budget

A Sample 6-Year Dental Marketing Budget

Low, moderate, high—putting it all together and finding the right mix Finding the balance between mediums with different risk levels and knowing when to pull …

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Dental Marketing Experts Discuss Fee For Service Dental Office

Fee For Service Dental Practices? Are They Real?

In our latest podcast, dental marketing experts Mark and Howie discuss how to achieve a fee-for-service dental practice. If you listen to insurance companies, you’ll …

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How to allocate your dental marketing budget

How to Allocate Your Marketing Budget – Which Mediums Are Worth the Risk!

Help! How do I spend my money? The formula to determine your dental marketing budget range is pretty simple, isn’t it? All you need is …

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Ratio to Determine Dental Practice Success

The Ratio that Determines if Your Dental Practice Will be a Success

It’s the dentist to population ratio in your area. This is the number of dentists serving the number of humans in any particular area. The …

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