Social Media Tips for Dentists

Social Media Tips for Dentists in 2023

Social media is constantly evolving, and you need to stay on top of your game to effectively deliver your social media strategy and generate the much-needed conversion. To understand and harness the nature of social media in 2023, you should be fully informed about the social media stats for 2021, so you can know what content and platforms to pay attention to.

According to the data portal global social media stats of October 2021, there is an estimated 4.55 billion social media users globally, equating to 57.6% of the total global population. 9 in every 10 internet users now use social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok are the most widely used social media platforms globally, with an average of over I billion monthly users respectively.

So, what do these stats mean for your dental practice?

It means that you have access to an average audience of 4.55 billion users. The world is literally at your fingertips. The right social content strategy can project you to your target patients and open a whole world of possibilities, from an increased conversion rate to collaborations with influencers and other dental practices.

Here are the top social media tips for you to kick-start your year and achieve your A-game for your social media marketing plan in 2023.


One mistake we often see is to jump on the bandwagon. Just because a social media marketing plan worked for the practice two cities away does not guarantee success for you when your dental practice follows such methods.

You should consider what you want to achieve with your dental practice social media strategy in 2023.

What are your marketing goals for 2023? Is it to reach a million followers or get more engagement of at least 5,000 monthly shares and likes? How about getting potential patients to sign up for a consultation through your Facebook ad?

Be clear on what you want to achieve in 2023, as this will help you set your key performance indicators (KPIs). Such makes it easier to track your progress and make changes where necessary.

A primary strategy for setting clear goals is writing them out, breaking them into smaller achievable steps, and including a deadline. For example, if your primary goal is brand awareness, you could break it down into smaller goals such as; organize an online photo contest in August 2023, collaborate with an influencer for three months from March 2023 to June 2023, run a Facebook and Pinterest ads in September 2023.

An important aspect to always remember is that your social media goals should align with your overall marketing efforts both online and offline.


Research has shown that live videos generate more conversion than regular videos. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, live video will grow 15-fold by 2023 and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic. If live videos are not part of your social media plans for your dental practice in 2023, then you need to review that plan.

You can make a live video of a guided office tour. Let your patients see, feel and know your office even before physically getting there. Such will create a feeling of familiarity that will make patients more comfortable visiting your office for an appointment. People are always skeptical about visiting the dentist, so you need to create a familiar environment for your to-be patients by letting them get acquainted with your office virtually.

You can also do a behind-the-scenes live video. How does a typical day in the life of a dentist look? You could further facilitate an educational webinar on a trending topic in the dental industry. For example, your webinar could be on the importance of dental health or why patients should pay more attention to dental flossing. It could also be an “ask me anything” (live questions and answers) session.

Your videos should match the specific goals and pain points of your audience. You can always ask your patients and followers or viewers to comment on the topic they want you to discuss on the next live video and then pick from their suggestions.

The goal of a live video is to develop personal connections with your existing and potential patients by giving them a front-row seat to know more about you and your dental practice. Your videos should be short as people tend to have a short attention span.


UGCs is content made by your patients that positively describes your dental practice. It could be a picture posted by a patient on their social media of them smiling after a dental floss or a dental hygiene appointment, wherein they tagged you or your practice.

User-generated content is an effective marketing strategy to promote your brand and nurture your audience. It gives a good image of your dental practice, as others say well about it. So, this time, instead of marketing your practice, others are doing your practice’s marketing and brand awareness for you.

Remember to retweet and share such posts when you get tagged in a post about your brand. Although it may not always be a positive post, how you handle the situation determines whether you can maximize such to become positive user-generated content.

You could be tagged in a post with a complaint against the front desk staff. Instead of ignoring such a post, you could send a DM to apologize for the error, then repost such with an apology and an assurance of excellent service for subsequent visits. Such allows your followers to see that your practice truly cares about patients and is committed to offering quality service. If the complaint is an issue that you can resolve, you could make a post after resolving such an issue to let your followers know that you have settled the matter.

You can also organize marketing events, such as an online photo contest. Such will increase engagements, social mentions and brand awareness. You can offer a free consultation as a reward to the winner. The key is to offer something of tremendous value that is irresistible to your audience.


You should develop the habit of consistency in achieving your social media plans for 2023. Being consistent doesn’t mean you should post every day. However, it means that you should post frequently and ensure that your contents are top-notch.

The idea is always to bring your A-game to play. Your images, videos and audio should be engaging, perfectly edited and of high quality. When you post every day without due care, your posts could lack substance and lead to a content overload that doesn’t interest your audience.

The goal is to develop sustainable social media marketing that can stand the test of time.


It would be best if you had an online community on the different social media platforms. Always post educational and fun stuff about dental health to keep your community engaged. Ask and answer questions in the group and facilitate community discussions.

Always join groups with similar interests on social media. Make sure you are informed, follow and maximize trending hashtags about relevant topics and issues important to your target audience and practice.

You should also follow and engage with other dental practices and creators in the dental niche. Such will help you network with them and grow a cordially beneficial relationship. Also, when you interact with others in your practice area, their followers will most probably love your content since you have similar audiences.


Many dentists do not know what dental strategy to use because they do not understand their social analytics tab.

Your social analytics tab helps you know the following;

  • What content received the highest likes, comments and shares?
  • What content received the least likes, shares and comments?
  • Are there similarities in the top or low-performing content?
  • What type of content appeals to your audience the most?

You can plan an effective social media strategy and campaign using your social analytics tab to know which content works best for your social media platform and what your audience appreciates most.


You should incorporate social media into our customer service offerings. Research has shown that the rate of phone calls has dropped, particularly among millennials, as conversations are mostly made online via social media platforms.

You should have an office WhatsApp number for patients to easily reach you and get a prompt response during office hours. You should also incorporate a chatbot into WhatsApp that provides answers and helpful suggestions for patients when you are offline or unavailable to attend to patients’ requests.


If you aren’t active on Tiktok and Pinterest, the chances are you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to connect with your target audience.

Tiktok has grown from just a video creation platform for youths and teens to a social media arena of over a billion monthly users. However, businesses are still hesitant about jumping on Tiktok, making things even better for you. There is currently less competition for dental practices on Tiktok, so you have more avenues to reach your target audience.

Pinterest is another social media platform that has attained popularity with over 460 million monthly users. You can reach your target audience on Pinterest through sponsored ads.


To see the fruits of your social marketing labor, you should engage a helping hand. You will have more time to focus on your administrative tasks and practice with the peace of mind that your social pages are in good hands.

New Patients Incorporated is your one-stop shop for everything dental marketing. From online marketing to offline marketing, we have all you need to enable your dental practice to succeed. We also offer customized tools and plans tailored to meet the marketing needs of your dental practice.

To get started on your social media success plans for 2023, visit our website at New Patients Incorporated to get your custom plan now.

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