Lori Cockley, DDS

Lori Cockley DDS"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story is Dr. Lori Cockley.

"We took over a practice from a retiring doctor in late 2006. One of our challenges was to earn the trust of the people in the community. We hired New Patients, Inc. to help us. We started with a mail campaign and some other projects. At first I wasn't too sure how the designs, deployment and the overall marketing plan would go. I thought my ideas were better! Well, I was wrong. I followed NPI's advice and in a very short time our office was filled with good new patients.

Now that we've been in a recession for a while I've been thinking we'd be happy just to hold our own or maybe decline just a bit. It seems all the other practices in our area are being hit hard. We've certainly seen a slow down but we're still up 24% over this time last year and I'm convinced it is because we continue to market with NPI.

My advice to colleagues: get NPI on your team, listen to them and market like crazy during this recession. When the economy rebounds you will already have prospective new patients out in your community who know who you are and what you can do for them. And because many of them have put off their dental care, they're going to need a lot of work!

And you will be the one doing it!"

Rodger Kurthy, DMD

"For the last 25 years I've practiced in Dental Hell. This would be South Orange County, California.

There are three dental practices on every corner. Managed care dominates. Getting good new patients from marketing is an overwhelming task.

I went to one professional dental marketing company after another (you all know the names) and I had one failure after another. They felt that marketing for dental patients was the same as marketing for sporting goods customers.

About eight years ago I was preparing to leave for our annual family vacation on Maui. Since I always take a project to do on vacation I decided that this year I would redesign my marketing. I saw an advertisement for a book by this guy named Howie Horrocks called, "Unlimited New Patients."

I thought - "Great - another book by some dental marketing idiot!!!" (Yes, I DID have a bad attitude - and it was well deserved). I ordered it. Long story short - I read Howie's book, cover to cover, EIGHT TIMES.

Finally!! A professional marketing person who actually understood the difference between marketing for GOOD dental patients and marketing for car tires!

When I got back from Maui I called Howie and insisted that his company, New Patients, Inc., design my next direct mail piece.

Howie was the only person I'd ever heard of with a TRUE understanding of dental marketing. And I was a dentist who paid close attention to how patients respond to marketing. This combination turned out to be dynamite! It changed both of our lives forever.

NPI became my marketing agency and within a few months I actually had to STOP marketing because I was getting TOO MANY new patients - and that is the truth!

Dentists contact me every week to ask about how to build a successful practice. The first thing I tell them is to contact NPI. What good is your fantastic practice facility and staff if you don't have a continuous flow of GOOD new patients?

New patients are your future!

New Patients, Inc. is the only company that will ever do my marketing. And as Al Pacino would say, "I've been around some, ya know?"

Kent Smith, DDS

Kent Smith DDS"We messed up by thinking we had this new patient thing fixed because New Patients, Inc. fixed it for us in a big way several years ago. But we stopped doing mailers after years of rising success. Don't ask me why. We got busy. We took our eye off the ball, yada yada, whatever. But once we learned our lesson, we had NPI work their magic again, so the calls are coming in like clockwork.

We had a new patient yesterday who's a financial planner. She told me she read every single word in the mailer, and her word to describe her impression of the practice was "genuine." She said anyone can say anything on a piece of paper, so 'you have to do it right to make me believe that the product is indeed what is represented on paper.' She also said our office didn't disappoint. Everyone was so calming and friendly, etc. . . She has quickly become one of our favorite patients, and not just because she started Six Month Smiles, scheduled crowns and is sending in her new husband.

Oh, one more item on this patient. She said she loved the fact we had families on the mailer and treated children. Is that because she has children? Nope. It just gave her a comfort level she was
looking for. How many of us dentists who love to do cosmetics would design a mailer with families? Nuf said."

Peter Gopal

"Howie, Mark:

This industry has more than its share of unethical or inept individuals who misrepresent things or present false or misleading information.

Thankfully, I am able to see through most of the BS.

Somehow, from the first day, I've come to trust you guys. I know Mark personally, having been to lunch with him on three occasions.
You guys are a class act."

Peter Gopal

Eli Jackson, DMD

Eli Jackson DMDDear Howie,
I appreciate the job you all have been doing for us. I have to admit it has exceeded my expectations! I was leary of marketing but now I am very comfortable with how it works and the synergy that seems to come from the overall marketing plan. My office manager and I have discussed this and we both agree that the "quality" of the new patients that our NPI program has produced has been quite good."

Chris Hill, DMD

"Dear Howie,Chris Hill DMD

Our NPI marketing campaign is going really well right now. We are close to 7:1 return-on-investment for the year. I'll certainly take that!

I started my practice from scratch at probably the worst time within the last 10 years save September 11th. It's been building slowly but surely since 9/08. In the last 6 months though, everything has been hitting on all cylinders. Mark talks a lot about the exponential factor of growth when you have quality new patients referring their friends and family. This could not be more true. As we get set to start our 3rd campaign I am more confident than ever that we are targeting the right people that will help our practice grow. We have done many different avenues of marketing, including a direct mail campaign with another company, trying to find out what works in our urban location. The one that has stayed the same is our campaign with NPI. The direction and guidance of the design has been great. All our numbers are up substantially and you guys are a big part of that. We are actually expanding hours, days and operatories as we speak and I just recently quit my associateship. Direct mail and internet will be most of our marketing focus from here on out. Direct mail in a downtown environment is a bit tricky. In fact I just received an email today that states that direct mail does not work in downtown environments. That's hardly the case here. Many thanks!"

Bridget Burris, DDS

Bridge Burris DDS"We are very pleased with the success of our NPI campaign and have renewed for another year. We feel that the quality of patients we are receiving is very good. We are in an area that grew tremendously before the economy turned down. We seem to be reaching a large number of those folks who are new to the area. The campaign is attracting retirees from Eastern US and California coming here for our beautiful weather and lower cost of living."

James Segulyev, DDS

Dr. James Segulyev"My wife and I took over a practice from a retiring dentist, in an extremely competitive area, who did no marketing. As young dentists, we were eager to grow our practice and needing help with this, we sought a reputable firm with the proper experience to accomplish this. NPI developed a marketing plan, highlighting our unique traits and settting us apart from the average dentist down the street. Additionally, NPI provided numerous suggestions on internal marketing strategies. From the very first month with NPI, our new patient numbers grew significantly and have continued to grow consistently month after month, year after year. The patients we've attracted have been fee for service patients looking for quality dentistry and not just 'shopping.

The NPI team has been incredible to work with. Our designer, Kathy has been very helpful in guiding us through the process of developing an effective marketing approach and helping us with yearly modifications to increase our marketability. Great job NPI!"

Randy Bryson, DMD & Toni Margio, DMD

Dr. Bryson and Dr. Toni Margio"Toni and I have been very pleased with our New Patients, Inc. campaign. We have consistently averaged 20+ new patients in our first year here in Las Vegas. The mail piece you developed is by far our best external marketing tool. I cannot tell you just how positive the feedback is from our patients on the content, quality and look of our mailer. So many patients say they have read the entire piece and even show it to their friends and neighbors. We opened our practice in April 2009, and our year end numbers by December easily exceeded the average ADA practice in 2009 for an entire year. Not bad for a start-up in the foreclosure capital of the US! The Full Mouths that I have completed, along with Implant cases, Veneers, and Invisalign are a direct result from the campaign.

And the quality of patients has been terrific. Times are tough here, but we find that patients will spend money on quality. Team NPI has been excellent. Jane, Terry, Joann, and others are all very professional, easy to deal with, knowledgeable, and extremely efficient. Thank you and your team for helping us build the practice of our dreams!!!!"

Jason Luchtefeld, DDS

Jason Luchtefeld DDS"When my partner came into the practice it became apparent that we weren't busy enough to keep us both as productive as we wanted to be.

I had some experience with several dental marketing companies through DentalTown. After some research we decided to give Mark Dilatush at New Patients, Inc. a call. I have known Mark for many years through DentalTown. In fact, I have known Howie as well . . . being a young stud on DT back in 2000, graduating from dental school and opening a scratch practice, Howie sent me his marketing books - great guy that Howie Horrocks!

During the conversation with Mark we were both impressed with his candor and instant research recollection. We felt like NPI would be a good fit for us. We started working with NPI's Art Director, Terry Aley, and came up with a comprehensive, professional looking mailer/brochure. Since our expertise involves teeth and not marketing we felt it best to pretty much go with the suggestions of Mark and Terry on how to deploy the campaign.

The first drop went down in March. Initially, we had calls from tire-kickers looking for prices, but didn't take long for the good patients to start calling, appointing, and completing treatment. We went from 15-20 NPs per month to 52 in July and 41 in August 2010. Our revenue has gone from 90 - 100k per month to 120 in July and 130 in August.

We are tremendously happy with the response and with the New Patients Inc. team."

Jared Anderson, DDS

Dr. Jared Anderson"I initially chose New Patients, Inc. to handle my marketing because I wanted true professionals dealing with this so I could focus on managing my business.

And that's what I got with New Patients, Inc. Before NPI's campaign I was averaging 25 - 30 new patients per month. Now the average is 35. So there has been a noticeable increase in quantity. But the REAL improvement has been in the quality of the new patients.

I also love that I can call NPI and make alterations, changes, additions to my campaign, and know that they will do it right and make it happen quickly. It's a MAJOR weight off my mind knowing that my advertising is done professionally, and is based on research in the dental industry, rather than just someone with training in marketing.

I get a lot of compliments from my patients on how nice and appealing my ads are. That has to be an indicator that things are working the way they should. The practice is going really well. I have a superstar group of gals working for me. The last 6 months have been some of the best in my career in terms of production and profit margin.

Obviously, NPI has been a huge part of that! Many thanks to Howie, Mark, Eddie, JoEllen, Jane, Terry and the rest of the NPI team."

Sidharth Bansal, DDS

Sidharth Bansal DDS"My practice is in a blue collar, middle income area. I was getting about 30 new patients per month but I really wanted to double that.

I was introduced to New Patients, Inc. by Dr. Tarun Agarwal. I went through a very smooth process where they gathered the information they needed to produce a marketing plan specifically for my practice. They studied my area demographics and prepared a reasonable marketing budget. All at no cost to me.

I decided to go ahead and I'm so glad I did. After the first campaign my results were 60 - 70 new patients. So, I essentially doubled the quantity. But the best part is that the patients were now of a much higher quality than I was getting before.

NPI has been just great to work with and I highly recommend them."

Kent Smith, DDS, Jeff Roy, DDS

"We've been with New Patients, Inc. since 2006. I can tell you that NOTHING has done more for our new patient flow than when we began using NPI. Our numbers have increased by 42%!!! We continue to improve each year and even during this recession. I can't say enough about the amazing effect their work has had on our patient population.

About 6 months ago we added their new product, First Impression
Video to our website. We've had SO much positive feedback. I absolutely hate myself on video (just as Howie and Mark said I would) but I learned from Howie long ago that it doesn't matter what I think. It only matters how the patients respond. Because of the videos we have added an average of 12 new patients a month. And they are mostly all pre-sold. Many patients have said that because of the video introduction they already feel like they know us and can trust us.

Sincere thanks to the entire crew at New Patients, Inc."

Peter Thompson, DDS

"The tide has turned, finally, for our practice with specifically our NPI program. We've had 150K in treatment plans on NPI patients recently agree to move forward. We had an incredible dry spell with the economy and other factors, but it now appears that the NPI mailers are really kicking in and will be providing a very nice ROI!!!

April was spectacular in regards to case acceptance (well over $300K in cases moved forward). May has been slower but we are working on all of April's case's so it hasn't felt slower. We are definitely seeing a significant improvement over 6 months ago and continue to get quality patients in with NPI so.....Kudos to the NPI team!! I'm in for the long haul... the only question is where do we market next?"

Marvin Berlin, DDS

"Like many of you I have watched New Patients, Inc. over the years and have been impressed with the successes they've had helping practices with their marketing. But I didn't really think they could do much for us because we already had a great practice and very good new patient numbers. So, I thought, "what could they do for us?"

As it turned out - quite a bit!

When I took over the practice from Mike Abernathy (and anyone who knows Mike knows he's a very smart and aggressive marketer) and formed new partnerships with Drs. Markham and Lynch we all felt we needed to go to the "next level."

We made the decision to call NPI and we ended up becoming retainer clients. What this means is that we give NPI our marketing budget and they handle everything. And I mean everything! The only thing we have to do is approve the pieces.

The NPI strategy was to move us from simply a marketing "try this - try that" approach to a consistent, targeted marketing plus branding approach. The goal was to make our practice THE place for people
to choose.

Has it worked? I'll say! In less than two years we've increased revenues 33%. My partners don't want me to talk about actual numbers but I can tell you - they are very good numbers!

And as important as numbers are there is something even more important. We all have more time for our families! Delegating our marketing to NPI turned out to have been the right decision. Many thanks to Howie Horrocks, Eddie Facey, Mark Dilatush, JoEllen Caruana and the rest of the NPI team."

Kevin Winters, DDS

"I started using New Patients, Inc. for marketing my start up practice in February of 2009. Well, it's been a little over a year now and I can say that the marketing plan they put together has worked out very well, especially the mailing program. It is far and away our leading source for new patients. And the quality of the patients it draws is just great. My office manager says the people calling from the mailer are pre-sold and ready to go for the most part. Another great benefit in working with NPI is I never have to worry about anything - they just take care of it. Many thanks to the NPI team!"

Ushma Patel, DDS

Ushma Patel DDS"Dr. Ushma Patel and her husband Tony opened their suburban Atlanta practice just two months after 9/11. They were surrounded by well established practices and so faced an uphill challenge. Their story is best told in Dr. Patel's own words.

Dear Howie,

I have enjoyed working with you and your company for these last several years. You do what you say you're going to do and in this day and age that is key. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my experiences with New Patients, Inc. with my colleagues.

Every year since we have started with NPI we have reached our yearly goals. Our revenue doubled from 2003 to 2004 and tripled in 2005. This year we are on track for that number to be 3.5 times. The quantity of new patients wasn't our only goal. We wanted good quality. In fact, overall new patient numbers dipped a bit after NPI made some changes in the marketing campaign. Now we are doing higher dollar amounts of dentistry on fewer patients which is exactly what we wanted!

I think that when members in the community see our marketing over and over again it creates a level of credibility in their minds. It shows them that we are committed to being a strong part of the community and that we are there to stay. NPI was very effective in connecting with our target audience. They were able to appeal to the emotional side of dentistry (in a very subtle way). This caused certain types of people to respond and call us. I think there are many companies who can market a dental practice but there aren't many that understand how important it is to get the right marketing to the right people. And that is what I felt NPI did for us.

I would also like to point out that our results took time to grow. We were disappointed at the numbers initially but we knew we were becoming better known in the community and it would only be a matter of time until the numbers followed. And that's just what happened.

Conclusion: If we did not do this marketing program we would have not gotten the accelerated growth. The practice may have become stagnant as more dentists flocked to the area since we opened our doors. So THANK YOU Howie and the whole NPI team for helping us to get on our way when we needed it the most! We look forward to many more rewarding years to come."

Howard Goldstein, DMD

"The world is currently focused on the state of the economy. We are "revisiting" our existing clients to find out how they are faring NOW, during this recession. This story comes from Dr. Howard Goldstein, a long time NPI client.

"It seems that EVERYONE has been hit by the recession. I'm no exception. I started to feel sorry for myself but then I talked with a lot of other dentists and found out that they are down much more. Having only a few holes in my schedule makes me feel very fortunate. Without NPI's help I am certain I'd be down 40 to 50 percent. And keep in mind I do not participate in ANY insurance plans so I need good, solid, high quality fee-for-service patients.

I hate to think where would be without the NPI mailers and our website. I have to say 95% of my new patients come from the two of them. My website is listed all over the mailer and many of the new patients that come from the website actually originated from the mailer. So it's been the lifeblood of my practice for 5 years now and especially since the recession started.

NPI is absolutely great to work with. They are confident and experienced in their approach. I'm very thankful that I started with them when I did. My advice to my colleagues who may be feeling the pinch from the economy is - start or continue marketing! And get NPI on your team.'

Elizabeth Fleming, DDS

"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story comes from Dr. Elizabeth Fleming.

"We've been seeing signs of the recession here in the Southwest. Many practices are experiencing a drop in the numbers of new patients, some practices have even closed.

Though our production numbers were down for 2008, we found we still had quality patients coming in from our NPI mailer, and the production generated from these patients was 15% of our 2008 production total. 2009 is showing similar results, so far.

The campaign that NPI put into place back in 2003 is still working well. They update it for us about every 10-12 months. It is continually producing more quality new patients than any external marketing we have ever done, and these NPI patients refer their family and friends to our office.

I am sure glad I have NPI on my team!"

Edmond W. Suh, DDS

"It seems that the world is currently focused on the state of the economy. For the next several months we are going to revisit some previous clients to see how they are faring NOW. This month's story is Dr. Ed Suh.
"I've been with NPI since 2005 and am now on my 4th campaign. It's turned out to be the best marketing decision I ever made.

With this recession I'm seeing other practices in my area suffer. One has even closed down. A major PPO company came into the area and advertised heavily so that didn't help.

And yet, we are up 18% over last year which amazes me! We have been consistently marketing every month since 2005 and I'm sure glad for that. Without the NPI program I'm certain we would be suffering much like the other practices around me.

Heartfelt thanks to Howie, Mark, Terry, JoEllen and the rest of the NPI guys and gals."

Howard Goldstein, DDS

"I opened my practice from scratch in 1982. Surprisingly what had worked for me during the first few years were the Yellow Pages.

In fact the last couple of years, I have had full page ads in the #1 spot in two books because I am in between two cities. This cost me over $2,500 a month. In spite of this my revenues had stagnated for the last three years. I decided that this was unacceptable so I went to New Patients, Inc. to help me figure out what to do. They did a study of my area, my new patient sources and lots of other things. With the help of Howie Horrocks, Mark Dilatush, and the rest of the NPI staff, we decided to start with a targeted direct mail program. NPI not only designed a great looking piece, they took care of all the printing and mailing. All I did was approve the piece and the mailing schedule. We mailed to 5000 homes each month where the head of the household earned 75K or more.

The response was wonderful. My income for 2005 was over $125,000 greater than the previous year. The majority of my new patient phone calls were a direct response from my NPI mailer. But there was also an unanticipated benefit.

I have a nice office website www.exceldentalcare.com. It was either at the bottom of the first page or the top of the second page when you searched for it. For some reason once the mailers went out (and of course the mailers all had my website address on it), my placing became #1. I do not know why. Some website experts told me that it was a coincidence. I found that hard to believe. My theory (and I cannot prove it) is that because so many people were typing in my web address because of seeing it on my NPI mailer, it somehow got it #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN. My website has become the #2 source of referrals behind the NPI mailer.

For 2006 I took NPI's advice decided for the first time in 24 years to drop the phone book ads. My representative told me I was making a big mistake and that I would never get back the first position in the book. I showed him the response from my NPI marketing and my website. He had no argument after that!

So far my new patient numbers have NOT taken a hit this year so I am breathing a sigh of relief! I admit that my decision to drop the phone book after 24 years was scary!

You all have heard how great NPI is for startup and new practices. I am here to say that they did wonders for my older practice. Thanks New Patients, Inc.!!!"

Athena Graves, DDS

"After being an associate for over 10 years, Athena Graves, DDS (Buffalo 96) decided to open a solo practice that would exemplify her beliefs of quality and compassionate dentistry in a private, fee-for-service practice setting.

Dr. Graves settled on Plattsburgh, New York. This peaceful city sits on the western shores of Lake Champlain, surrounded by the Adirondacks and Vermont 's Green Mountains, offering year round outdoor activities.

Obviously, Dental Town played a significant role in the background research necessary to achieve her goals. She and her husband/Office Manager, Jeff Graves, developed a detailed business plan where they would be committing to and trusting a few successful companies, thus aligning Champlain Smiles with the key players in the dental industry. One of the biggest players was New Patients, Inc. They would handle ALL the marketing.

NPI confronted the challenges Dr. Graves was facing and implemented a program to enable Champlain Smiles to meet with completely unexpected success. The combination of direct mailer, newspaper insert, and yellow page advertisement were an instant success, allowing the first two weeks to be scheduled prior to opening the doors.

Patients would comment, "I can just tell she's a great dentist by reading this flyer," or "I want an appointment because I'm tired of going to a dentist who doesn't listen to me." Internal referrals poured in, there were no gaps in scheduling, the office became comfortably established in the community. Dr. Graves never expected success to be so readily achievable."

Richard Turner, DMD

"In May of 2007 I opened a brand new start up practice. I had a LOT of money invested into the building and equipment. This of course put me deeply in debt.

I knew I not only had to market, but I had to get out of the gate fast. It had to work and it had to work quickly.

I found out about New Patients, Inc. from DentalTown. I really did my research on them and decided to let them handle all my marketing. They prepared a detailed plan and did a demographic study of my area to determine best marketing approach. It looked good to me so I went ahead. NPI first did an image package then a newspaper insert followed by two direct mail campaigns.

Did it work? I'll say it did! How does a consistent 90 patients per month sound?

Don't mess around - go with the best. I'm so glad I did.

Thanks to Howie, Mark, Jay, Terry, JoEllen and the rest of the super NPI team!"

21st Century Dental

"We have a multiple doctor practice with a staff of 23.

We were already doing very well but wanted to kick it up a notch or two. We also didn't have the time, energy or know how to do all our marketing in house.

We decided to hire the best dental advertising company we could find and let them do everything. This was how we got started with New Patients, Inc. Heartfelt thanks to Howie Horrocks, Eddie Facey, Mark Dilatush, JoEllen Caruana, Terry Aley, and the rest of the staff at New Patients, Inc."

Richard W. Van Gurp, DDS

Dr. Rick Van Gurp had spent the last 18 years investing in marketing and practice development with little to show for it.

"I tried several marketing firms and invested thousands. The promises were big but the results were not. That the advertising was failing seemed of little concern to them. The fact that they didn't understand dentistry didn't help either.

So I transferred to a nationally known marketing firm that focused on dentists. Thousands later, my ROI was still negative. Even worse - seven more dentists were moving into my immediate area. I could see it all slipping away.

I didn't know where to turn. Then I found a thread on Dental Town from Rod Kurthy about Howie Horrocks and his company, New Patients, Inc. Desperate, I wrote a long e-mail to Dr. Kurthy explaining my dire straits. Long story short: he selflessly helped me in SO many ways. But he was adamant that I contact New Patients, Inc. In fact, he wouldn't work with me unless I did!

Working with NPI was like a breath of fresh air. Their focus was on what could be done to make me successful, not on how much money they could make from me. They were knowledgeable and confident and were the first to develop a solid and feasible marketing plan. It's a system they have researched and proven to be successful over the past 16 years. They were honest in telling me which marketing efforts would work and which would not. Most significantly, they had the unique insight into what potential patients are thinking when deciding on a dentist.

My results? Over a twelve month period working with NPI, my practice grew by 61%! New patients increased by 82%. Phenomenal results in an area of significantly increased competition! Thank you Rod. And thank you Howie and the entire NPI team."

Joshua D. Ilan, DDS

"I purchased my own practice a year ago from a dentist who had been in practice for nearly 40 years. I started from day one with no patients in the schedule and pretty much no new patients on a monthly basis.

I was unsure of what to do and didn't have the resources to do all that much. I was initially dead set against taking on more debt to cover the expenses of marketing.

However, one thing I did do was purchase copies of Howie's books, Unlimited New Patients Volumes 1 and 2. I had seen reference to the books and to New Patients, Inc. on DentalTown. These books are so jam packed with cost effective marketing ideas! I was so impressed that I contacted the company and spoke with Mark Dilatush. He put together a marketing plan that was budget sensitive and appropriate for my stage of practice. I was still unsure but decided to take the plunge.

Boy do I not regret it! I now see an average of 20 new patients per month only half way into my first year of the NPI program. But these are not just new patients; they are quality new patients who want good dentistry.

I must say that everyone at NPI has been absolutely wonderful to work with and I look forward to using them for all my future marketing needs."

Tom Ryan, DDS

Dr. Tom Ryan has been in practice for over 20 years. Like many dentists, he has had some ups and downs. His story is best told in his own words. "My practice was stagnant. So I moved to a new location, increasing my overhead by 50%. But I did not see any increase in production. Bad timing, as I moved just a few months ahead of 9/11. I was spiraling towards bankruptcy and there just didn't seem to be much I could do about it.

I had of course heard about Howie Horrocks and his company, New Patients, Inc. (I even had Howie's books) but it wasn't until two years after my initial contact that I finally decided to do something. I saw a thread on DentalTown by Rod Kurthy describing his marketing experience with New Patients, Inc. and right then I decided to move ahead. It was quite a leap of faith for me, especially considering that I was hemorrhaging cash monthly. I went ahead and put my faith in NPI and they came through for me... BIG TIME!

After my first full year of using NPI as my only marketing, revenues had increased 33%. The second year I saw another 25% increase (this was working 28 hours per week). Before my NPI campaign I was averaging 16 new patients per month. After the campaign that average went up to 36 per month. But what was even more impressive was the average revenue per patient tripled. These were much higher quality patients than I was used to!

Three and one half years later I continue to get my best cases as a direct result of my NPI campaign. The patients are pre-sold before they arrive, prepared to pay a premium and are great referral sources for my practice!

Besides being great to work with, the NPI team has the honesty and integrity to tell me the truth, regardless of how it affects their profit or my ego. I appreciate and respect them for that! I would not hesitate to recommend them!"

Edmond W. Suh, DDS

"I was as gun shy as they come about marketing. I had just shelled out over $16,000 for a direct mail campaign with a major company. It failed miserably. It wasn't that their campaign didn't generate calls - it did. But the patients weren't at all what I'd call quality.

Let's just say I wasn't chomping at the bit to have THAT experience again.

But I talked with Howie Horrocks at a DentalTown meeting a couple years ago. This led me to talking with Mark Dilatush and that led me to have hope again that marketing might work for me.

NPI put together a plan. We started with direct mail and to be honest I was totally against the designs they produced. I actually liked the other mailer that failed more than I liked the NPI mailer (typical dentist, I know!). Note to colleagues: we are dentists. Don't try to be an Art Director or Copywriter. Leave that to the pros!

My results: High quality new patients started showing up right away. Not huge numbers of them, but they were WAY better patients. I even dropped Delta and lost at least 30% of my patient base but my ROI went up! The patients coming in from the NPI mailer are pre-sold and excited to be in my practice. Yes, I said excited - as I am now!

Heartfelt thanks to Howie, Mark, Eddie, Terry, JoEllen and everyone else on the NPI team."

Bill Greenberg, DDS

"I was your typical dentist when it came to marketing.

I was very frustrated. I tried "this" then when "this" didn't work I tried "that" and when "that" didn't work I tried something else. I felt like I was throwing darts at a dartboard except that the darts were very expensive.

So I contacted NPI. They showed me why my previous attempts had failed and then showed me how I could succeed. We started with a direct mail program and some internal marketing. And, like your typical dentist, I thought I knew what things should look like and how the whole program should go. Well, I was wrong. I ended up doing what Mark and Howie said and I'm glad I did.

Long story short: We've only been mailing for a few months and we've essentially doubled our NPs. And we haven't even implemented half the marketing plan yet!

NPI knows what they're doing!"

Lori Cockley, DDS

Lori Cockley DDS"I was having a hard time developing and projecting the right image for my new practice and keeping consistent new patients seeking comprehensive quality dental care. I needed a defined marketing program instead of the hit-or-miss one currently in place.

I called New Patients, Inc. and we started with a direct mail campaign and some internal marketing. At first I was very skeptical and fought Howie and Mark all of the way about the design. I was looking for razzle dazzle and this had a homey look to it.

What was with the goofball family on the front cover? They assured me that "we know what we are doing" and "you don't have to like it, you're not our target" and "trust us", so I did.

My office is swamped!!! I saw 80 new patients in seven weeks. The phone still hasn't stopped ringing. We have April, May and a good bit of June filled with new patient appointments, at last count 170 seen or scheduled new patients since the mailer, but the calls haven't tapered off yet so my count keeps changing. I had to hire another full time assistant this week. I have gotten calls from people who haven't seen a dentist in 20-30 years.

What the heck was IN that mailer?

All I know is that the patients love it. Maybe these NPI guys do know a thing or two after all.

Thanks to Howie Horrocks, Eddie Facey, JoEllen Caruana, Mark Dilatush, Shirell Delaney and everyone else at New Patients, Inc. for such a fun ride!"

Elizabeth Fleming, DDS, PC

"After being a solo general dentist for 18 years, I discovered a great group of people participating on DentalTown. I used these people for information in my search for the latest and greatest in technology, marketing and continuing education. I had been in the same location for 16 years. My practice had stagnated and I needed to move.

My quest was to upgrade my office when moving to have state-of-the-art equipment and technology. I was breaking all the rules with my move...going 14 miles away from the old office and across two "barriers" (freeways). Would my old patients follow me in spite of the distance and barriers? How would I market my new office to the potential patients in this new area?

I was also worried about the pending move due to increasing overhead. I needed to hit the ground running.

Around this time I contacted Howie Horrocks at New Patients, Inc. He and his staff helped me to organize my office to become "marketable" and to develop a piece that would showcase who I was and what I could offer to my new patients. It would go out to targeted households above a certain income in surrounding areas near the office. Many of my dental friends received my marketing piece and have called to let me know how professional it looks.

And does it attract new patients? Previously I had done a direct mail piece. The difference between the NPI piece and the older direct mail piece is in the quality, not only in the presentation of the mailer, but also in the dental IQ of the patients who use it. I was pleasantly surprised (ecstatic) at how effective the NPI mailer was for my practice.

I moved into my new office in November 2004. Surprisingly, many of my old patients followed in spite of the distance and barriers to cross. We also obtained quality new patients interested in comprehensive dental care from my NPI marketing piece. My production has almost doubled since 2004, and I am busy with ideas to update my mailer for next year.

I'm glad I listened to the excellent advice from Rod Kurthy in my early days on DentalTown. My contact with Howie Horrocks and the staff at NPI has been instrumental in helping me to achieve the numbers of NP and production figures needed to make my move a success. They know their marketing! Thank you New Patients, Inc.!"

Todd Gentling, DDS

It was a period of intense excitement but also palm-sweating nervousness.

In August of 2003, having graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Todd Gentling was about to open his first private practice in the developing community of Broken Arrow, OK. He had made a huge commitment with his practice loan (which smartly included money for advertising), and had worked his way through a thousand vexing details. He thought he was ready to open.

Everything was on the line. Dr. Gentling knew he needed to generate a strong flow of new patients from the day he opened his doors. "When you're a start-up like I was, every patient is a new patient," said Gentling, "and we knew if they didn't come in right away it would be a real struggle. Quite frankly, we were scared silly."

Fortunately, Dr. Gentling planned his advertising campaign long before he opened his doors. He even arranged for his practice finance company to provide additional funding specifically earmarked for advertising.

Dr. Gentling chose New Patients, Inc. as his advertising agency. He had heard about them from the postings on DentalTown. "We have DentalTown to thank for our success. We not only found NPI there but a wealth of other information that was priceless," said Gentling.

New Patients Inc. first studied the demographics of his area, noting it was mostly blue collar with heavy insurance dependence. Dr. Gentling wanted to attract mostly fee-for-service patients so the agency targeted his advertising campaign to resonate with this market. Print ads and radio were also deployed.

The results, since September of 2004, speak for themselves - 3,213 patients of record, mostly fee-for-service. "NPI did everything," said Dr. Gentling. "We couldn't have done it without them."

Mike Maroon, DDS

"I can't even begin to tell you how many people constantly email me to ask about marketing their practice. In all my years in dentistry there are only a handful of people that I would trust with something as vital as marketing my practice. Those people really understand the methods to be used in attracting excellent patients to my practice.

One of these people is Howie Horrocks. I remember getting my first copy of Howie's book, Unlimited New Patients, and reading it cover to cover the first time. It was that good! I couldn't put it down!

Well, for years I've been asking Howie if he would speak at one of our meetings and for years he's been telling me he's not a public speaker. I told him, I DON'T CARE, just get up and tell people what you do and how you do it! Well, he finally listened and got a great sidekick, Dr. Rod Kurthy (of Deep Bleaching Technique fame) to help him along. Rod has used Howie's principles for marketing his practice for years with tremendous success."

June Darling, PhD

"I just listened to Mark. I've heard several marketing groups work with clients before. Mark just blows them out of the water. He knows dentistry, demographics, and marketing. He listens, he talks. He's clear and upfront. He had much info prepared with almost no notice. Get online take the survey and talk to him. Whether you proceed or not it will be WELL worth your time!"

Jay B., DDS

"The Yellow Pages ad you did for us is working like crazy! MUCH better quality patients than we were getting with our old ad. And what's even better is because you recommended that we downsize our ad we are saving $2000 per month just on that yet it's producing more than the bigger ad did. We are currently 200K over what we did last year and it has a LOT to do with that ad! - Thanks so much."


"I'm feeling a bit puffed up after a new patient from an NPI mailer today scheduled $20K worth of work, and couldn't care less about insurance or financing. This was part of her appointment note today: "This pt is very nervous knows that she has many problems got a mailer and eventually prompted her to go to web, which she loves!!!" Incidentally, she got the mailer 6 months ago, and held onto it. So I bow to the NPI masters who have always told us this is what people would do."

Mike Maroon, DDS

"Through the years of marketing my dental practice I quickly learned which people were telling the truth and who was full of you know what! There are a handful of people who I would listen to regarding marketing a dental practice in today's ever-changing world economy. Howie Horrocks and Dr. Rod Kurthy are two of them and that is why we begged them to come to our meeting to share their information. I've been after Howie for years to speak, but he was too nervous to do the thing all by himself. So, he went out and got Rod, who's marketed for years and has a BOOMING practice in California, to speak with him. Together with Howie (author of the fantastic books Unlimited New Patients I & II) they have a terrific presentation.

Their presentation alone will be worth countless income to you in the future!"

Dolores Baran, DDS

"I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and wanting to thank you (and Rod) again so much for all your help!!! My production since I started with the advertorials and mailers has more than doubled in one year!! I'm just shy of the 1M mark this year!! But hey, two years ago and before I was around 475. Last year I did 585!!! Now I'm in the process of building my dream building (actually right now it's a bit of a nightmare) and practicing the way I would like to practice. THANK YOU!!!"

Todd Gentling, DDS

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for all the great work you and your team have done for me. We opened our doors October 8th (today is December 12th) and we now have a patient count in the 680's. We are also doing radio which has been very effective also, and a full page yellow page ad (which only has been out 3 weeks). The ROI has been huge with your direct mail piece. Thanks to you I have a thriving practice and have hired 4 full time employees and my wife. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future. I look forward to many years of partnership with NPI."

"You know why everyone loves these NPI guys? Because they give. They give of themselves freely. Seriously, they share so much with no intention of sales, but only to help."
-Tim Hale, DDS

"I have used Howie Horrocks and New Patients Inc. for the past several years with great results!

Customer service is excellent! I don't think you could find easier folks to deal with."
-Tom Ryan

"I'm so glad I took your advice. I've steered my practice away from managed care and toward a fully esthetic practice. I believe you, Dr. Farran and some others are dragging dentistry (kicking and screaming) into the 21st century. Thank you!"

"New Patients Inc. has taken away all of our stress. Now when I have anyone at all contacting me about wanting me to advertise with them, I just refer them to NPI, who asks all the right questions, evaluates the offer, then let us know.

If we say Go For It!, they do all the work to get it going. No-brainer if you ask me."
-Kent Smith, DDS

"I wouldn't worry about how the marketing will be perceived, we did that for a little bit, but to be honest, the target market loves the idea. I can't tell you how many people have positively commented on the work that New Patients, Inc. has done for marketing - it was a GRAND SLAM home run!!!

GO FOR IT...Did I mention we did over $45,000 in our first full month??? and our second month is lining up to be around $60,000?"
-Athena Graves, DDS

"I've been marketing my dentistry for 20+ years... I thought I knew what should and shouldn't be in a brochure. Come to find out, every practice is different as are our marketing needs.

I'd recommend you contact Mark or Howie with New Patients, Inc. www.newpatientsinc.com and let them create a brochure specifically for your office and needs. They do it all...design, layout, print. It's a no-brainer."
-Marvin Berlin, DDS

It's great to hear from "the man." I think about you every time I do marketing. How would Howie say this? What is the benefit? You are the best!"
-Craig Carlson, DDS

"Five more brochure patients called and scheduled today (and it's barely even noon yet)!

We do keep track of our new patients and the sources they came from. I usually use an average np value to calculate ROI (It's out of date, but last time I ran it, it was $1886). Our problem now is going to be scheduling these patients while still allowing for treatment & hygiene time for our existing patients-a very nice problem to have.

Thanks for the great work. We're just getting started!"
-Jay Nelson, DDS

"Howie, you're one of the few good guys in your field. I'm very lucky to have had dealings w/ you. As my practice grows, I hope to be in a position to really grasp all the full range of services you offer dental practices."
-Michael W Davis, DDS

"The marketing campaign designed by Howie and his team at New Patients, Inc. has been incredible in building a practice. I started from scratch nine months ago, and now have 1000 patients. In particular, the response to the yellow pages ad has been overwhelmingly successful!"

"I'm most pleased with the success of the piece you've put together for me. We grossed 70K last month, up from 32K. I will continue to sing your praises to anyone who asks and to many who don't."
-William Wyatt, DDS

"Thanks to you I now average 50 new patients per month - ALL fee-for-service. You truly ARE America's Dental Marketing Guru."
-Rodger Kurthy, DMD

"We had a phone call today from a lady who said she received the mailer today, and called immediately. She wants her smile to look just like the one in the mailer.

I think it was Mark who said the real return comes after 15 months of a robust marketing campaign. Well, we are in our 15th month after starting with you guys, and I will personally produce (as of today) $68K more in a month than I ever have."

"Thank you Mark and Howie. And thank you to NPI for your work with me, so far. Very appreciative of the fact that I am your first Australian client.

Special mention must be made for Sharron Swan, who heads your SEO department. She has been very responsive to my needs - considering I had NO web presence prior - we are already number one on certain key phrases. Her monthly SEO reports are detailed and highly informative, demonstrating real value.

The mailers have started going out, and the calls have commenced - BRING IT!"

-Dr. David J. Lee

"Having been 'around the block' a few times in terms of dental marketing, I can honestly say you are the most creative mind in marketing for modern health professionals that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with."
-Jeff Prager, DDS

"I can't tell you how happy we are. You've made all the difference in the world. I'm experiencing a great deal of 'practice stress' relief because things are going so well."
-Dr. JC

"We are going on our third year of using Howie and the group. They do a very professional and effective job, even for me in the sticks."
-Mac Lee, DDS

The "King of Marketing, Howie Horrocks, will be speaking at our next seminar. He has written numerous books on marketing and has his pulse on what works and what doesn't in the current arena of dental marketing."
-Mike Maroon, DDS

"I get more phone calls at my office from "practice management experts" & "marketing specialists" than anyone might imagine. Almost all are incompetents at best, & usually mostly swindlers.

Anyway, two weeks ago, I received yet another cold call from a certain company that wanted to sell me something. I declined. He then wanted to know if I had done any marketing. I stated I had. He then asked the name of the company.

I replied, "Howie Horrocks of New Patients, Inc." CLICK!!! He instantly hung up the phone. That quickly ended any possible discussion & I went back to work.

This definitely says something about this industry that markets to (preys upon) dentists. Howie's name is absolutely a known element in this world. The guy didn't even say "Good bye." The guy didn't say, "Howie's a competitor, & I respect his work." He didn't say, "We offer a slightly different service to Howie's firm, & I think we may be of help." He didn't say a darned thing.

He just instantly hung up the phone, when I mentioned, "Howie Horrocks." They either can't or won't compete with Howie."

"Just sold a $7200 case based on the mailer program!! That feels good!"

"Ya'll will be happy to know that today (the first work day they could call....) we received 16 calls and 7 scheduled. The others were lookie-loos or tire-kickers (do you take DeltaCare?...that kinda stuff). Phones rang NOTICEABLY more today! Thanks to all of you for a great job!
Everyone who's seen the ad says "Wow!" very classy looking."
-Dan Quevedo, DDS

"I wanted to write and let you know that our mailer went out last week for the first time and the response has been amazing. The phone has been ringing like crazy. We have been very impressed with the brochure."
-Rodney Chowning

"Howie is THE MAN. He's got a great overview of what actually works, in a wide variety of demographics. He's got a number of systems to put in place, that have a proven success."

"I'm a marketing nut. I got my degree in Marketing and Management, then went to dental school. I mean I REALLY enjoy it. But, what pays the bills is me turning a bur, NOT me laying out an ad.

I've hired Howie and Mark. It's a no-brainer. More new patients (by the way, we had 237 new patients in November). More family time.

Check out the December 2006 issue of Dentaltown Magazine on page 85... If you have any specific questions, give me a shout."
-Marvin Berlin, DDS

"Greetings Howie
Howie you made your own luck!! I was just simply honored to have someone like you to refer dentists to. You are a class act, and everyone I have ever spoken to says the same thing!"
-Howard Farran, DDS, MBA


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