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Q: How do you stop patients from booking wildly long or short appointment times?LocalMed Connect - No Annual Contracts
A: LocalMed® Connect uses YOUR scheduler (in your management software), your columns, your providers, your blocks, and YOUR rules!

Q: Do you limit which procedures can be self booked?
A: Absolutely. This is handled at the initial setup and can be altered as you use the system. Typically, you might start out just allowing new and established patients to schedule exam and cleanings. Then, graduate to new patient consults for things like implants, short-term ortho, or cosmetic dentures.

Q: Does the website show appointments available for things we block in our schedule, like blocks for crown and bridge?
A: LocalMed® Connect uses YOUR scheduler (in your management software), your columns, your providers, your blocks, and YOUR rules!

Q: Does the website show openings in hygiene if the appointment is not for SRP but the hygiene schedule is blocked for SRP?
A: An established patient looking for a prophy appointment would not be offered an opening in a schedule blocked for scaling and root planing.

Q: Can you only show non-prime-time appointments?
A: Yes. But this would mean you were purposely limiting the ability of the system to work for you.

Q: For cleaning kids' teeth, will it show shorter appointment times?
A: It will show however many units you allow for a child prophy.

Q: Can I verify if it is a new patient or patient of record that hasn't been in for a while?
A: The system verifies and cross references. And if you set the system up to only show available appointments more than two or three days into the future - the team will have PLENTY of time to verify everything.

Q: Is it HIPAA compliant?
A: Yes, it is.




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